Plus size Pattern adjustments

Ok, so I have a subscription to Knit 1 magazine, i really like it. It’s young and hip. Here is the problem: Although I am not the first one to mention it, (some people have written them many letters which they publish) how can I take the patterns that they publish and make them plus size. I know that they are plenty of publications that offer plus size patterns ( like knitty, they are great, and interweave knits), but also just for personal knowledge. Do any experience knitters know how to do modify S,M,L patterns to plus size?

I believe one of the Stitch n Bitch books tells how to do it, you could check your local library for a copy.

What you would do, presuming you’ve got the same stitch gauge, is figure out how many inches you need it to be. Look at the pattern to see how many CO stitches between each size, then decide how many times that number would be needed to make it your size. Do that for back, front, sleeves. If the pattern has BOs for underarms, again, there’s a different number of stitches for each size and you figure how many you need for your size.


check out the book Big Girl Knits, there’s a great explanation in that book for pattern adjustments, AND flattering plus size patterns