Plus Size Lace Panel Sweater

Us chubby gals can have pretty handmade sweaters too! I just finished this one for me, me, me! I am washing and sizing it now then I plan on wearing it to dinner with my dd, sil and grandson tomorrow night. I noticed the lighting in the room makes the color look weird, but it is a nice country peach color.
I loved knitting this as it was only the third real patterned work I have done and the first one where the sides and middle were different from each other than one continuous pattern.
Thanks for looking.

:happydance: it looks great and I love the color!

Your sweater is beautiful. Love the color and the pattern.

I love it :slight_smile: You will look lovely in it tomorrow!


I prefer “fluffy” over “chubby”…:slight_smile: and that sweater will look absolutely gorgeous on you.
From one fluffy nonny to another

Wow - its gorgeous ! I haven’t gotten up the nerve to try a sweater yet

It looks beautiful!!! Have fun wearing your new sweater with your family :slight_smile:

very pretty!!

Absolutely gorgeous! :yay:

ETA: Is it your own design?

That is fabulous! I love it, especially the color!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Beautiful! :thumbsup:
:knitting: [/COLOR]

It looks beautiful. Love the colour.

Congratulations!!! It’s GORGEOUS!!! You’ll feel so good wearing it!!

I love it! It’s a beautiful sweater!

This looks positively fab-you-liscious! AKA Gorgeous! And soooo cozy and comfy! I really do love the color you chose. Your work is great!!!

What a great job you did! Good spring time sweater color, I’m sure you’ll look lovely in it.

:knitting: :knitting:

And I am definately CUDDLY, not chubby! Lovely jumper. Everyone is sooo clever on this site, aren’t they.

That sweater is absolutely beautiful! Great job and I hope you really enjoy wearing it!

Looks wonderful. I also knit this pattern last year and wear it frequently.

Did you use Bamboozle?