Plus size crochet patterns please!

I have seen the ones on CPC and Lionbrand website… but I wanted to know if any of you knew of some other free ones on the web. Thanx!

I have seen plus size patterns. I will have to remember where. I just got a new pc and after I loaded all my bookmarks, I don’t know what happened but poof they were gone and I had just shredded the paper with them on it. I will try and remember where. I know I found some free ones but I also found you had to pay. :wall:

If you go to
you can find some plus size patterns there. I know you are looking for free patterns but Crochet Today and Interweave Crochet both have plus size patterns. I am still looking for the web site that I found earlier and will let you know what it is. Are you still looking or did you find what you need?

very much still looking. =]