Plus size cable sweater

I need a pattern for a plus size cable sweater. This will be my first cable attempt so the easier the pattern the better. Or can I take a pattern for a smaller sweater and somehow figure out how to make it bigger. How hard to put short rows in for the bust. I really want to make a sweater that will fit my friend. I was going to use a bamboo yarn that knits on 6’s or 7’s. Can anyone help me?

One more pattern question when a pattern says extra large (52") Does that mean the chest finished is 52" Because I thought that was normally a 2x. Are sweater patterns sized different?

Yes, pattern sizing is all over the place, it depends on the designer what size to call what measurement. Check to see if the pattern is snug fitting or loose; 52" could mean the actual bust size, or the finished measurement.


There are some plus-sized patterns on my blog.