Pls help! "pick up one st from co edge and place it on the lft ndl..."

Hello everyone,

I am starting my next project (I finished my Berocco “Brea” bag) and it is a pattern from Blue Sky Alpaca. It is called “Girl’s Sundress”.

I desparately need help with the following bolded instruction below, and if someone could provide it, I’d greatly appreciate it!!!

[I]Next Row (RS): [B]*Pick up one st from CO edge and place it on the left ndl, K2tog, rep from *, each time picking up the next st from CO edge, across rem sts. [/B]Purl 1 row. [/I]

Thanks & happy knitting :woot:

It sounds like you’re making a hem or fold.

I’d fold the piece with so that the CO edge is even with the needles, then put my left tip under the purl bump of the first row. Then knit the first real stitch of my left needle together with the yarn I picked up from the edge.

Thank you so much, Ingrid! I did what you said and it looks great…!