Plenty Of Knitting Time Now

They did that for my back after back surgery. It really did help.

Susan: yeah the world is shrinking more everyday. Kinda cool really.

Ugh. I understand not being happy about being cooped up–I broke my foot last summer & was stuck at home a lot & went pretty bonkers.

I hope you’re feeling better soon!!! :hug:

Yeah. I spent all of 2005 laid up after shattering my pelvis in a car crash. I am in no way interested in being laid up for any length of time now.

I am not a good patient :rofl:

get well soon!!! :hug:

:grphug: Feel Better, Mason! :heart:


Hope you get well soon, Mason!

Yes, Feel better soon, Mason!

Between the percocet and valium I feel just fine. Still can’t walk or move worth a hoot, but I feel fine. :rofl:

I hope you feel better soon… back pain is the pitts… I’ve always had problems but in Aug mine went out on me… now I really have to watch it or I can tell I’m heading back down that road again… don’t push it to soon… :hug:

Well, that sucks. I’d say enjoy your vacation, but you aren’t in a position to do so. Hope the time passes easily for you. Take care.

i hope you heal quick!
i remember my dh was given valium for a knee injury. i asked him did it make the pain better? ( i have never had the pleasure :teehee: ) he said, well i can still feel it, but now, i just don’t care! :rofl:
take it easy… soon you will bea sock knittin’ pro! :x:

Lots of rest and peaceful knitting are in order!

Sending you virtual

Awww…Mason…I’m sorry to hear about all of this…I hope you get to feeling better soon. Both of my parents have back problems–my dad (remember, he was a trucker too) is now retired b/c of his…he had to have some pretty serious surgery. My sil just threw out her back and it appears to be muscular…it seems like back issues are all around me lately…

:hug: :hug: Feel better soon, okay? In the meantime…I wanna see some funky socks… :rofl:

Well, while you’re recovering…

I’m certainly interested in seeing valium socks. My Jim Beam socks never come out right for some reason :teehee:

Also…something we kindda have in common…

I work in Logistics. I handle logisitcs for the FL area. I try to get my drivers to knit socks while they wait for loading/ unloading. They laugh it off…but I’m still working on them.

I hope you’re feeling a little better this morning, Mason :muah:

Yeah that pretty well says it. :rofl:

Lillyarn; Some of them may well be knitting and just aren’t man enough to admit it. :rofl:

It does seem to be back injury season. My boss has sprained his back, one of my nephews is down with a back injury, and I’ve heard of several others who have similar problems right now. I blame Winter, but then I blame a lot of things on Winter. :rofl:

I’m going to the doctor again this morning. The bad thing about that is I can’t take my meds until I get back as I have to drive myself there. I hope it goes wuickly as I really needs the relief as as soon as possible.

Again, I appreciate the well wishes all.

Ug, this totally sucks Mason!

I know you have dealt with this stuff sooo much! I don’t know how work comp is in Wisc, but here in California it is really designed to penalize the injured worker and I think most of the money ends up going into utilization review, other administrative BS, and lawyers. It’s very hard, and sometimes impossible, for an MD to get a patient what they need even if they want to - and not all do! Hang in there and get yourself to a spine specialist if you can, they tend to be more helpful than the occupational medicine gatekeepers!

Oh Mason…I just feel so bad…there is just nothing like back pain. As a former chick hockey player, I have had a broken arm 3 times, a broken nose twice, and countless sprains, torn tendons and even a “popped” kneed cap…(boy, I sound like a real beauty, don’t I? :flirt:)

But nothing compared to the time I tried to do a complicated yoga position and pulled a muscle in my lower back. Okay, being in labor with my dd for 25 hours and having a “natural” birth experience was worse, but it was only one day…when I hurt my back, I felt like I couldn’t even breathe for a week.

I feel for you… :pout: Get better soon.


I made it back from the doctor appointment. It was torture. She pulled and twisted and prodded. At one point I told her point blank that I really wasn’t liking her very much at the moment.

Basically I’m still off work and have a follow up next Tuesday. I made it back to the hotel and was finally able to take my pain meds. I hadn’t taken them this morning because I knew I’d have to drive to the doctor’s office.

The office is going to be sending someone to pick up my truck at some point later today which will leave me without wheels. That’s really gonna suck but hey, it’s their truck after all.

I guess if I really need to go someplace I can call a cab.

I still haven’t carried in any clean clothing or my knitting bag or anything from the truck yet. It was hard enough carrying in my laptop bag.

Whenever someone comes for the truck I’ll have them help me carry in the stuff I’m going to need for the next few days. I really want my knitting as that will give me something enjoyable to do while I sit around this hotel room vegging.

And I want my cane so I can walk a little better. Without wheels I’ll have to walk to get food, smokes, etc. The cane makes it easier even though I hate looking like a gimp using the thing. At least it’s a cool looking cane.