Plenty Of Knitting Time Now

I finally made it back to the yard last night. As my back is injured it was a long and miserable ride. This morning I could barely walk at all. Getting dressed was an unbelievable experience of pain and comedy as I struggled to put on my socks without being able to actually bend over. If it hadn’t hurt so much it would have been hilarious.

I went to the ER this morning where I received an injection of pain killer and prescriptions for percocet, motrin, and valium as a muscle relaxer. I never knew valium was a muscle relaxer. She said since the flexeril hadn’t helped, valium was stronger and should help more.

I have an appointment for a follow up with the doctor my company uses tomorrow morning. They’re talking about possible physical therapy, an MRI to check for any disc damage, and it’s starting to sound like I may not be getting back to work nearly as soon as I want to. I really, really hate not being able to work, and so do my bill collectors. I am NOT the couch potato type and dearly hate this sort of thing.

I’m checked into a hotel at least until Monday. Maybe longer depending on what the doc says tomorrow. I’ll have plenty of knitting time the next few days. Maybe I can finally get this sock finished. I have the top about finished and am getting ready to start on the heel.

The percocet and valium have started to kick in. I have a feeling I’m going to be a very happy and mellow knitter over the next few days. :rofl:

So sorry that you’re having to go through this! What a pain :teehee: . Sorry…couldn’t resist.

I hope that you’re going to get some kind of worker’s comp since you injured yourself on-the-job.

Also, did you actually make it back home? Wondering why you checked into a hotel? :??

Regardless, enjoy your knitting time as much as you can, despite the pain. Make sure you eat really healthy. This will speed up the healing process.

Wow, Mason, you know I can relate. At Christmas time, the first two weeks when I couldn’t move much, putting that damn sock on was yes a COMPLETE COMEDY except it HURT TOO MUCH! I found a way to sort of gather momentum and roll out of bed coz I couldn’t just sit up.

Did you happen to read, when I went for my first physical therapy (in my life btw) the guy actually hurt me. I had been getting better, then he did this “exam” and then I couldn’t walk for 3 days. So, be careful of your physical therapist, don’t let them push your legs around too much or anything, but maybe you know this already… When I went for my MRI (right after the guy hurt me) I couldn’t stretch both legs out straight, still can’t completely so I haven’t had it yet.

I also had a 2 shots in the back (at difrerent times) for some instant pain relief. He gave me Oxycodon which I didn’t take much of (didn’t like the feeling) Valium sounds good, that should help you. The shot in the back is a um, anesthetic, I think that’s right, like at the dentists… anesthetic right? That would help you a lot if you can’t bear the pain. For a short time.

My doc had me on steroids for a week which did help. I really sympathize with your pain, it’s just been dreadful for me. Only time heals it too, relaxing and taking it easy. Hang in there. Finish that sock! Find some new patterns… learn some new stuff. That’s all you can do for now.
best wishes, Vic (find some good old movies)

I’m sorry you’re going through that! On the funny side, I can’t wait to see what valium-induced socks will look like! :slight_smile:



:chair: :roflhard:

I’m so sorry you’re still hurting so much! Just be careful of those pain killers and muscle relaxers…don’t want to get addicted to them. :shock: I’m glad they are helping though!

Thanks everyone. No I’m not at home. I live in Florida but work for a company in Wisconsin which is where I am now.

I’m hoping to not have to go through the physical therapy thing as I don’t want to be off work that long.

Those shots in the back are a cocktail of pain killers and cortizone. I’ve had them a few times and they do help. But as this is muscle injury and not spinal (I’m hoping anyway) they’re not really the best choice.

Yeah, I’m sure I’ll have to be really careful with my knitting while under the influence of these drugs. No telling what they’d look like otherwise :rofl:

I have a very high pain tolerance, and can normally just ignore pain and go about my business. But sometimes it’s so severe that even I can’t ignore it any more.

Oh mason, I really hope this doesn’t sideline you for too long. However, there will be lots of knitting, I’m sure. Sometimes I want to have a sick day just so I can knit! :teehee: Good luck on your recovery.

Having had back problems all my life, all be it not as sever as yours sounds, I know how it can knock you down. On the up side, I have taken valium before and it’s some really nice stuff! You will definitely be a happy camper!! Get well soon!!


I hope you heal up soon…

… but not before you knit some Valium socks! :teehee:

mason~ I posted a notice on the boards for you~!!

Are you taking all your meds together?? you DO know NO DRIVING~~
:wall: even in a car!

hope you get to feeling better soon

Thanks again all. And yes, I do know to not drive :rofl:

hope you get back up on your feet again soon! take care of yourself!

Hope you get better soon! :hug: :muah:

I hope you’ll be feeling better soon.

I can speak from experience that percocet can be a lifesaver…not to mention leave you feeling good! :wink:

I hope it’s not too serious and you’re feeling better soon! :hug:

hope you can take the time to rest and really heal before heading back to work. While PT may not sound like fun… it probably will help a lot- gotta get the good muscles strong to help the bad ones get better… and I have GOT to see what the socks under the influence look like… sending good wishes your way, MKZ

I’m not at all concerned about the PT not being “fun”. I can handle that. It’s the additional down time it entails that I’m unhappy with.

I appreciate all the well wishes.

Hey Mason,

Was wondering how you are – sorry to hear you are laid up. Wish there was something I could do besides send you good healing vibes and tell you to take good care.

Isn’t it amazing how the internet can make the world so much smaller? There was a time when you would never know how many people care about you and how you are doing.

Keep us posted so we don’t worry about you.


Ouch, feel better soon! :hug:

I had physical therapy for my knee and they sent an electric current through it–very cool!