Pleez help I need some interpretting

I am a new knitter. I have a tank top pattern that has armholes from just above the waste and curves in on the sides up to a smaller neckline. Can anyone picture that? lol

Anyway here is the instructions I don’t understand.

[COLOR=“Blue”]For armholes, each side: bind of 2 sts, 3 times: 1 st every other row (9) times: 1 st every 4 rows, 3 times: 1 St every 6 rows, 3 times[/COLOR],

I got the 2 sts , 3 times done by binding 2 sts off at the beginning of each row for 6 rows. Was this right?

The rest of it makes no sense to me because if I do
every other row it will make all the bind offs on the same side. Ima little crooked but not lopsided. hehe

What to do. What to do? Pleese help me.

Yes, that’s right BO 2 st at the beg of the next 3 rows. The next part means dec/bo 1 st at [I]both edges[/I] every other row 9 times, then every 4th row 3 times and every 6th row 3 times. So you dec at the beg and end of the RS rows.

I am going to read and re-read what you said till I understand it. Thanks a bunch. It sounds right but I have to get it stuck in my head. lol AND THAT IS NOT easy. lol

I have been looking at what you said and it seems that I would be binding off on the same side every time. That would make the sweater lopsided. I don’t know how to bind off on both edges of the same row. What am I missing? I am brain dead at this point. lol

Do you mean bind off at the beginning of the row and knit two together at the other end? Is that what I am missing? Pattern not too clear if that is it.

No you dec at both edges, I typoed, meant to put “BO 2 sts at the beg of the next [B]6[/B]rows” (you can’t BO at the beg of a row). So that decs both edges, the right and left. Then on the next RS row, dec 1 at the [B]beg and end[/B] of the row. Work a WS row. Dec on the next RS row, then work a WS row. Do that until you’ve done 9 dec rows, 18 rows after the BO rows. Then work 3 rows and dec at the beg and end of the 4th row 3times, then switch to decs at the beg and end of the 6th row 3 times.

Remember that the directions are telling you to bind off or decrease on [I]each[/I] side. If you do that, it won’t be lopsided.
Your idea of doing a bind off and k2tog on the other edge is a good one, especially since the directions from here on are calling for one st decreases. Instead of the bind off however, use a slip, slip, knit (ssk). Both the k2tog and ssk are demonstrated on the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, under decreases.
When you get to decreasing [I]every[/I] row, you’re going to have to decrease on the purl rows as well, so look at the decreases in purl st on the videos as well.

There doesn’t seem to be a decrease every row though, just the BOs on every row, then decs every other row, which is normal for patterns.

You’re right. I was misreading the later directions.

I thank you all for your help. It does seem to be a little confusing doesn’t it. lol
anyway this is what I decided to do. Since I don’t see much difference between ssk, k2tog and bind off, I decided to knit 2 together on each end of every other row 9x. So far it looks OK and is even.

Does anyone else think this pattern is confusing in the way it is stated? OR Does anyone have any idea why it says to bind off instead of decrease? What is the difference? BTW it is a huge armhole extending from the waist to the neck and will not be mattress stitched together. It will be the edge of the garment.

Here it is.

The decs are going to make more of a slanted edge, rather than a curved one, that’s the difference between a BO vs dec. For this pattern though I think you can get away with it. On a pattern that has a regular armhole, you’d really want to make the BOs at the underarm, but there would be more than 2, something like 4 or 6, so it may be a bit more apparent.

No, this pattern isn’t really confusing, just written slightly different than most of them. It more of a european style than US, so if you haven’t seen the terminology written this way before it could seem strange.

I am knitting a pattern from the “Whispers” book by Kim Hargreaves. The instructions say:

“dec 1 st at each end of 8th and 4 foll 6th rows.”

Can anyone tell me what this means?

Decrease a stitch at the beginning and end of 8th row, then every 6th row, 4 times. So on rows 8, 14, 20, 26 and 32.

Thanks so much!