Pleated edge on a knitted circle?

Would this be possible? What I have in mind is prize ribbons/rosettes, starting with a pi circle for the centre, then having box pleats all the way round the edge. My theory is I have two basic options but wanted to see if anyone else had a better idea - 1. do a long strip of box pleats, sew to rosette centre (but don’t think they’d lay flat), or 2. another separate strip of box pleats but use pi increases?
I made one yesterday, a yellow pi circle centre, then changed to red to do rest of rounds finishing with a picot cast off edge. Nice but looks more like a flower and as I’m hoping to publish them as part of a larger project, I think it was too fiddly!

Sorry if it’s massive, my tablet refuses to let me upload smaller images for some reason :roll_eyes:

I agree that you made a lovely flower. What if you started from the outer edge and worked to the center? All instructions I’ve seen for pleats are bottom up style knitting. I think I’d try this way and see what I think of it. It saves that pesky center out cast on too. I do them and love the result but hate them. lol Another thought intruded into my consciousness - how about a fold line of purls to make the pleats keep their shape? A twisted long tail cast on (Old German, Norwegian) might give a really nice edge and help with keeping things tidy.

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That’s a really good idea! I also feel the same about centre out circles - useful shape but hate the cast on lol. Thank you! :blush:

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I’m always thinking about how to make things easier. Sounds like you might do the same. I love your idea! I might have to try it myself. I hope there will be more suggestions.

You’re a bad influence. Now I’m wondering if there is a way to do an occasional picot with a twisted cast on and if there is would it look good. Thank you for something new to mull while knitting sox.

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I wonder if this would help:

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Thanks, Salmonmac - I’ll take a look! I’ll try and get to work on this tomorrow :yum:

Now that’s smart. Find a pattern already in existence. Good thinking.