Please, Wish Me Luck

I’ve finally decided to knit my first sweater. I’ve been looking through my knitting magazines, and online for an easy pattern, and always changing my mind. I know this is a wierd thing to admit, but I battle depression and anxiety, and sometimes the thought of a big project overwhelms me, causing me to back away from it.

Anyway, my sister was over last night for a visit, and she helped me pick a pattern. She doesn’t knit, but she has sewn clothing, and knows about garment construction. We found a pattern in one of my older issued of Creative Knitting, that she said would be great for a first garment project, because it’s just two pieces (a front and back) knitted then seamed together. At first I started all my mind games I always play…“what if I can’t do it?” “What if it doesn’t fit?” “What if it fit, but looks horrible on me?”…She said to stop worrying about it, and just do it. If it doesn’t fit, just give it to someone else…So that’s what I’m doing…I just started it last night, and I’m actually getting pretty excited about it.

Please, wish me luck…

You can do it!:woohoo::cheering::woot::yay::happydance::eyes:

You can do it!

They are easier than socks, just more time consuming!

You’ll love it!


Don’t let a dose of the ‘what ifs …?’ get you down.

It sounds as if you and your sister have chosen a pretty good place to start you off knitting.

You’ll have such a sense of satisfaction when it’s finished (and you won’t end up giving it to someone else) that you’ll always keep it.

There’s about 3,000 knitters here, newbies, intermediates, advanced and then the pure geniuses - :eyes: and every one of them started a first project.

If you run into any snags at all, just post your problem and someone is guaranteed to help you sort it.

All the Best

Once again, I’m reminded of why I love coming to KH. I know there is always someone to encourage, and help. Thank you so much. I’ll keep this thread updated. I have to warn you though…there may be some whiny and gripey posts from me before it’s

:woohoo::knitting:Sending good knitting vibes your way!:woohoo::knitting:

jdee wrote:

there may be some whiny and gripey posts from me before it’s

That’s okay too - we specialise in whiny and gripey … especially at weekends.:rofl::knitting::rofl:

All the Best

Ooh jdee,
I LOVE knitting sweaters. It took me a long time to dare, too, but now I can’t stop. (I currently have 2 on the needles plus my first pair of socks) I live in Houston, TX, so I don’t have a HUGE need for sweaters, so I make them for other people. The first sweaters I did were toddler sized. I liked that cuz size TRULY did NOT matter! I hadn’t found KH then, so I was :hair:on the phone with my mom about every day about it.

BTW, Knitting is one thing that helped pull me out of depression (that and thyroid meds!).

Get on KH whenever you’re stuck. I do all the time, and I’m always thrilled because someone will always have an answer for me. I get on and can actually help others with simple questions now.

So CONGRATULATIONS on taking the plunge! You won’t be sorry!

I just wanted to show some pictures of what I’ve knitted so far. I just hope it fits when I’m done. I’ve never been a small girl, and I’ve always hated and feared shopping for clothes. I find myself having those same feelings as I’m knitting this. :gah:What am I going to do about my brain?! This is supposed to be fun…but that’s enough whining.

On the other hand, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished so far, even though it’s not very much.

Oooh girl, I am going through the same thing! I’m working on my first sweater, too, and until today, it was been pretty much no good. lol It has been a HUGE learning process though, and now I’m able to knit fairly consistently and be happy with the work I’ve done. And I also had worries about being a big girl and having to make a sweater that’s way huge, but it actually hasn’t been bad at all. Lots of knitters are out there to support, and it’s all about just making a quality garment that fits YOU! Oh, making my first sweater… It’s definitely a new challenge, but extremely rewarding and helpful as I try to become a better knitter. When things are going wrong and all you do is frog, it is rough, but when you nail it and get it just right, it feels SO GOOD! :smiley: We’re all here to support you, and good luck on your first sweater! It’s going to be so amazing, and we can’t wait to see pics!!! :muah:

You can and will finish your sweater! You can always ask us for help if you need it!

That looks great so far - I love the color :slight_smile:

Good luck on your first sweater!!

Go Girl! You can do it! :knitting: :cheering:

We’re always here if you get stuck, :grphug:

Looks great so far. Keep up the good work.

:yay:Glad to hear you are both taking the plunge into knitting sweaters. Can I recommend a free pattern at Magknits you might like. It’s a short sleeve pullover called “Donna” I haven’t made it yet but it looks like it would have a good fit. Ellie

You can do it! You’re braver than me! :notworthy:

Its looking GREAT! :yay::yay::yay:

Thank you very much. Not only am I learning to make a sweater, I’ve also learned how to thank people for informative posts. lol I didn’t realize what that little “thanks” button was for. :whoosh:Oh, well. Nobody can ever accuse me of being computer savvy.

I’ve made that sweater - it was pretty easy and didn’t take long at all. I think you’ll do great. You can see a picture of mine here

Looks great so far! :cheering: My first project was a sweater - a kid sweater, but still a sweater. When it gets frustrating or overwhelming, I always try to just break it into pieces. Like, "I’m working on the front, just the front. It’s flat with shaping."
The only part I hate about sweaters is teh seaming, and even that isn’t so bad once I get going with it - I try to make a game out of it by seeing how well I can get the stitches to line up. It’s not that bad - I just want to wear the thing right away!

Good luck!!