Please welcome our newest knitster bacmiddy

hey guys and gals…

bacmiddy just joined the forum, so please welcome her into the fold. She lives near me and has been an awesome friend since I’ve moved back to this area.

I tought her to knit today, and she caught on VERY fast…I was jealous!!! She casted on, cont. knitted, binded off, and seamed her 6x6 piece on size 13’s in less than 2 hours, folks. So, she’s officially a knitter now!!!

:XX: :balloons: :present: :cheering:

Welcome, bacmiddy! You are so fortunate to have a good friend nearby to teach you to knit. How I longed for such a blessing! :smiley:

ekgheiy runs over to bacmiddy to shake needles … oh … ahem … to shake hands :lol:

Welcome!! :thumbsup:

Welcome! Sara waves and smiles

welcome welcome… you’ll love it here. Everyone feels like family… family but without all the fighting :roflhard:

Welcome bacmiddy!! :waving: You will really enjoy this forum. You are lucky to have Denise around.

:waving: Hi bacmiddy!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of :XX: hope it goes a long ways without :frog:

It is wonderful you have a knitting buddy living close, almost the best thing in this world!!

BAD GIRL, ek! :happydance:

[size=6][color=red]:mad: AMY STARTED IT!!! :mad:[/color][/size]
KellyK pokes Aby with a stick

Welcome Bacmiddy!!! :waving:

Where is this mysterious person??? :??

Calling Bacmiddy…where are you? Welcome to the wonderfully addictive world of knitting. :slight_smile:

We’ve all been pretty tuckered out from this weekend. bacmiddy helped big time with the surprise party I threw for my housemate this Friday, so I think we’re both still playing catch up…took us all week to get ready!

Now, I have to prepare for house guests sigh. I’m already tired…

I think you have FABRICATED this person, Denise!

If I could fabricate a person, it wouldn’t be her, much as I like her. Wrong equipment :slight_smile:

Now, fabricating a brad pitt like person…that’s a whole different story!

I think bacmiddy is a cat or something. From what I’ve learned of Denise, it’s something unique.

I get kudos for teaching a cat to knit, don’t I?

OH LOOK, EVERYBODY! I brought a new friend, too!! :wink:

[size=2](KellyK has her hand in a sock like a puppet & is talking out of the side of her mouth)[/size]
Well, HOWDY, KNITTERS! Im Kelly’s new best friend, Mr. Winky!!

Har, dee har har har, kelly. Now, listen here…just because YOU hear voices doesn’t mean WE do!


[i] [size=2]falsetto voice [/size]

AWWWW, Deni! You’re making Mr. Winky SAD!!![/i]

There are supplements for that, Kelly!