Please tell me there is a faster way to do ribbing?

Please? I’m begging you. LOL There has to be some way for this to go by faster! :wall:

Not really. It just takes practice. :shrug:

Do you knit english or conti… some people will try to tell you that if you knit conti, your ribbing will go faster.

I 'm doing the throw method.

Ribbing is the reason I learned continental knitting. My ribbing was so irregular when I was a “thrower”, and it took forever. It’s half way respectable now that I’m a “picker”, and it is a lot faster for me to work ribbing conti.

The hard-core English knitters probably make it look easy, but it was a struggle for me.

I hear ya! I’m working ribbing for the top of socks.

I knit english style and “throw” if you want to call it that, but I’m pretty fast now. It really just takes practice no matter which way you knit.

The only ways I can think of is you can either practice, or switch to Continental, which is very fast for ribbing.

It is if you can purl decently in continental… otherwise, I’ll stick to english.