Please tell me I'm not the only one to do this!

Okay, now I know I’m not crazy, but in a sense I guess I really am.

I’ve been going nuts since last night trying to find my missing Options Size 8 tips so I can finish my Deep Breath sweater.  I cleaned up my end of the coffee table last night trying to get organized and find where I put them down, since I JUST had them recently (I made a note in my knitting journal about taking them out of my unfinished black armwarmer, and I was positive I had used them to start the ribbing on the bottom of the sweater!), but all I found was a circ with Size 10 tips.

It was supper time, so I put it all aside and ate, and then later on I commenced searching again.  I picked up the same circular off the coffee table and remeasured it (because I was desperate and I always search the same places multiple times) and −− there it was!  My Size 8 tips!  I was happy I found it and didn’t spend much time trying to figure out how this happened, but it should have been a HUGE clue.

So this morning I’m working on the ribbing, as I wrote above, and that was when I realized the tip I was working with looked a bit large.  I measured it −− Size 10!  :noway:  So there I was again, panicking, turning over rocks, trying to puzzle out where my Size 8 tips are and how the heck I managed to lose them, find them, and lose them again all without even trying.

I feel like a mental midget that it took me so long to see this −− I had two different-sized tips on the cable, one Size 8 and one Size 10!  That was why every time I measured it I got a different size!!  It’s so ridiculous!  And then, once I realized that, the BIG lightbulb finally went off over my head −− if I had two different tips on the cable . . . that must mean the missing Size 8 tip was in the envelope with the other Size 10 tip!  Duh . . .  :eyes:

Okay, everything’s reasonably normal -- for now.

Don’t feel bad; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that with my interchangeables. :slight_smile:

I have done that with straight needles - :slight_smile:

Oh gosh no you aren’t the only one! I don’t think I’ve done that exact thing, but I’ve done similar things. The worst is when I’ve thought I did something wrong, spent hours trying to figure it out, finally “figure out what I did wrong”, frog, only to realize everything was fine, no need to frog.


Oh, yes, I’ve done that before, too. Not a happy day.

that’s why I like that the denises are labeled!

Agreed – I really LOVE my Options, but this thought certainly crossed my mind once I realized what was up.

Nope, I’ve never done that. Well, except for the couple of times I did, but they don’t count cause I said so.

I’ve only done it 2 or 3 times in the last few months… I have the Denise’s and they are marked. The only excuse I have is I can’t find my reading glasses so I can read the marks, lol

Now, don’t tell us you can’t find them because their on top of your head! :slight_smile: (Just kidding of course!) I used to do that with my regular glasses, but they were on my face!


We were on vacation, when I could not find my glasses, I was looking everywhere for them. Even looked on top of my head. I finally asked my family to help me look for them, when they all busted up laughing at me… I was wearing them:shrug:

I’ve stuck an Options tip behind my ear like a pencil and wasted beaucoup time searching for it. :wall: :wall:

I had taught art class all day and had stuck paint brush[U][SIZE=3]es [/SIZE][/U]behind my ear… Then went to the bank to write a check and got one of my brushes out to write with…:teehee:

lol, no I don’t have them on my head… I put them down in a place where I was sure I wouldn’t loose them… yeah right.
So then I put them in my knitting accessories bag, and would leave it across the room… I would be so comfortable where I was, I would try to read the #'s w/out geting up… so… I now make sure I have my glasses next to me when I gather everything up to knit.

Now, my cat does swipe things… so I still have an excuse if I use the wrong numbers.