Please take pity on me!

So, I want to make this gorgeous sweater (along with another few thousand items), but I haven’t got the adobe reader!!! Stupid old comp won’t load it or something…so my question is has someone else fallen in love with it enough to take one copy for themselves, and maybe, pretty please, pm me a copy of the pattern?

I’d be ever so eternally grateful!!

Well, there are images in the pattern so it won’t work if we pm it to you, either. I suggest you go to adobe ( and download the latest version of adobe reader. If it still doesn’t work. pm me your address and I’ll mail you a printed copy of the pattern. I won’t be knitting it myself and if I do I can do it off of the internet.

Thanks so much for your help!! I will let you know how it turns out and you are so kind to offer to mail it to me!!!

If you didn’t zipper Samus, you would almost have Kelper.
I like Samus fit at the sleeves.

I just bought Rogue. Here are some great pictures.
I have some other projects to get off the needles first but I am very excited about Rogue.

Well, this is just turning ridiculous…first it was the cd drive (long story, but it’s busted), then my files aren’t downloading properly for the people who are kind enough to email it to me as a word program (thanks laura), now my computer won’t load the adobe site to let me download the program. Not to mention my computer won’t let me load the calgary transit website (you know, the local city transit) so I can figure out where the heck I am going and how to get there!?

ARGGGGH!! Any suggestions gratefully accepted.