Please, share my joy!

We drove past a yard sale this afternoon on the way back from the grocery store. I saw something on one of the tables and yelled "STOP THE CAR!"
DH stopped, I trotted down the street and when I got there, my item was gone! :shock:

I looked around and there was a lady holding it! :crying: DD said “Karate has to be good for SOMETHING, Mom!” :twisted:

So I stood there for a couple minutes waiting for her to put it down. She walked toward the sale people and the sale lady asked her if she could tell them what it was. She said “I don’t know…” :doh: I said (nicely), “It’s a yarn swift. It’s the reason we stopped at your sale.” The woman holding MY swift said she was going to use it to drape one of her trailing vines over. :?? But she immediately asked if I’d like to have it. :cheering: This lady is now one of my favorite people! :happydance:

So here we are:

Don’t show this to Kelly!

Good for you! What a great find!

:roflhard: Love the story great find!!! :cheering:

That is great. Though I hate to ask what are these used for exactly ?
I miss yard sales. I love a good treasure hunt.

Swifts are used to hold the hanks of wool that need to be wound into balls. Easier than asking someone to hold their arms out.

Way to go Sara!!!

You put a hank around it and wind a ball from it. It keeps the yarn from tangling.

Don’t know how you spotted that from a moving vehicle, but I am happy for you that you did.
Can you imagine walking onto someone’s home and seeing ivy growing around and through a swift. I’d cry, I know I’d cry! :crying: :crying:

I only have one thing to say…

I’m envious…dang, all I ever find at yard sales is a bunch of crapola. :?eyebrow: Good job, chica!

OMG!!! I’m so jealous!! I’ve been stalking yard sales and scouring estate sale ads all summer hoping to find one! Gah! I don’t think I even want to know how much you paid for it… [size=1]but, how much did you pay for it???[/size]

:mrgreen: <<<green with envy, but also very happy for you!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:




Two BUCKS!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Is Kelly allright? Anyone heard from her since that was posted? :wink:

[size=7]O M G[/size]

:crying: can’t…speak…now :crying:

:shock: Ohmygod! My brain has shut down, can’t process anymore! Way to go! :happydance:

(btw…I AM sharing your joy, Sara, in spite of my personal feelings of trauma…) :wink:

I knew it would be difficult, so I didn’t put the price in the original post. I know you’re all excited for me.

(But I will make sure any packages that come to my door aren’t ticking.) :roflhard: