Please say a prayer

Hi. My family and I have been going through a lot lately trying to get my younger sister to live here with us. My dad and step mom are trying to get custody of her because my mom has a very unsafe household. Her husband is on drugs and it is very unstable. I’m typing this in a frantic state because our lawyer and my mother are in court right now.
If anyone of you have a higher power, or pray…please say a prayer for us. We can’t send her back to live in that household. I lived it when I lived there…turning 18 was the best thing that ever happend to me. Im 20 now and this drama is still going on.

thank you and godbless



:poke: Hello Judge!

:hug:Best of luck :grphug:

Kaytee, you and your family are in my prayers!

:pray: for you. :hug:

hey thanks so much everybody!!! So our lawyer did really well in court yesterday. We won!!! I’m so relieved. This is such a long, horrible story. I hope we can now say “The End”. ha.
We are all totally drained and need to catch up on sleep and happiness…I think I’ll go knit now! :smiley:


I’m so glad things worked out for you!!

Thank god for a understanding

I’m late on reading this but just wanted to offer…:hug: and I’m glad everything worked out…

hugs I am so glad things worked out.

Thank you so much everyone! :muah: