Please read: ... Posting Pictures

Hi folks!
Please be aware of these guidelines when posting a picture…

–If the picture is not your own, you should have permission to use it before posting it on this forum. When in doubt, you can always just post a link that takes people to see the picture.

–I am not giving permission to violate copyright, however since it is often done with harmless intentions on forums, I will say that if an image is going to be borrowed, it’s far better to do it using the second method below.

Here is an example of a linked-in image:

If it is your own image, or if you have permission, then feel free to link-in the image as above. If not, better to use the following method:

Boop boop bee BUMP! :mrgreen:

I’ve edited the above post to hopefully be more clear.
Thanks for asking me for more details EKG.

Is there a trick to getting a pic smaller like the ones in your example? I am not sure I know how to do that

If that’s clearer, I’d love to see what it looked like originally! :shock:

I had that problem too, then Kelly pointed out that on my program, anyway, there is a place to change the size of the picture from 100% to “Best for Web”. I would imagine that most picture programs would have something similar.

I dont think she meant the PIC is clearer, I think she meant that she tried to clarify the concept of linked vs uploaded pics. :thumbsup:

Thanks, Kelly. I actually knew she wasn’t referring to the photo, but my initial (incorrect) impression was that she was referring to the post just before hers, which was totally meaningless to me, probably because, being new, I have no context.

After I read your response, it occurred to me that she was referring to her own previous post! :oops:

Hello Barbara aka sermom,

I see you have also found a new/another place to call home! Welcome to KH! The knitters are very helpful and happy here.

To avoid angering website owners by stealing their bandwith, save the pic to your computer, get an account with photobucket or imageshack, and upload it there. They give you a url and you can resize your pic as well.