Please read everyone!

We ask for the name of the pattern and a link because it helps us help you. (There are thousands of patterns and we can’t know what each designer means.) Please do NOT post the entire pattern or a photo of the whole pattern. This can be considered copyright infringement even for free patterns. It is acceptable to post a few lines of the pattern that you are having trouble with.

Thank you!


If I ever find that Mind Reader Hat knitting pattern I’ll share it with you. :yum:

lol :joy:

Thank you for letting everyone know.

Bumping topic for new members

So a silly question. If there is a pattern on ravelry and I copy the link to post here, is that ok?
What about you tube. Same thing?

Not a silly question. You can post a link to patterns and videos, sure. What isn’t OK is copying a pattern and posting the entire thing or even sometimes a large part of it. A few lines from a pattern to give context if the pattern isn’t available at all online (like in an old book) or it’s a paid pattern and maybe nobody else has it are good too. If too much is posted one of the helpful, friendly mods will ask you to edit the post. I suppose if needed the mods could do it themselves.

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Thank you Grumpy! I would hate to do something inadvertently. I mean you can’t knit in jail I suspect.

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I don’t want to find out from personal experience but I think it’s possible to knit behind bars.


You are a font of info! LOL!

Thanks, Jan!

Aren’t I though? :joy: Comes from knitting and moderating KH for 10 yrs. :wink:

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Ten years Jan! You must have seen every question and solution

Probably! I learned a lot here. The one thing that trips me up though are sweaters that are knit in pieces. I leave those questions to those more knowledgable. :wink:

Jan’s guilty of helping me become a knitter and when I grow up to be a real knitter I’ll knit as pretty and nice as Jan and her cohorts do.

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If you’ve knit up your own sample and have a link to the pattern, is that okay?

A link to a pattern is fine whether it’s your pattern or someone else’s. If it’s a free pattern we can see the details and if not, at least we have the photo and pattern name.
A line or two of a paid pattern is ok too if it’s necessary to understand the question.

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