Please pray for my dear friend

At 6:45 Sunday morning we heard a call for help from the main bathroom. Our dear friend Dawn was crying that she was throwing up blood and that she is very dizzy. My husband barely got in there before she passed out on the floor.

I called 911 and by 7:00 am she was on her way to the hospital; we followed about 15 minutes later. A quick coffee and throw on some clothes. My daughter and another friend of Dawn’s went with me and I sat in Dawn’s room until she was transferred to intensive care.

While in the emergency room she was given three units of blood, three bags of saline and her blood pressure kept wanting to drop out. After a unit of blood she starting throwing up more blood again so the doctor gave her a shot to stop her stomach from convulsing. She kept passing out.

The GI specialist tried to do a scope exam of her stomach but it was so full of blood that he put her on NPO for 24 hours so he could try again on Monday. She was given a lot of special drugs to coat her stomach and help get rid of the excess blood so the doctor could see.

It was really scary for awhile. Sunday night she was given another unit of blood.

After she was on ICU overnight, the GI specialist did the exam and found that she has two very significant holes from her stomach, one goes all the way to her bowels. She is scheduled for surgery on Thursday to resect parts of her stomach and bowels.

Monday night she received two more units of blood.

Today she’s alert and chipper but she does have a real good idea of just how serious her situation is. She let me know that she has established a living will; also she has given me power of attorney in the event she is temporarily incapacitated and cannot make informed decisions…

When all this started, I contacted her parents on Sunday. Dawn’s sister will be here tomorrow and her parents will be here on Thursday.

I just needed to let you all know what is up in my life right now… Please pray for her; that she pulls through the surgery and gets well.

Blessings to all,

Oh wow!! Definately sending up prayers and good thoughts for Dawn

Very scary! I’m glad you were around. I would hate to think of the outcome otherwise.
Many prayers.

praying :hug: :pray:

:hug: I hope she fully recovers and everything turns out ok :hug:

Dawn will be in my thoughts & prayers! So thankful you were there to help her.

Know how scary that situation is as my mother had a similiar problem a year ago. Thankfully, she is doing well.

Very scary situation. My DH went through something like that, but without the surgery, thank God.

Will be praying for her, she’s already blessed, having you for a friend.

Prayers said.

I’m adding my prayers for Dawn.

omg how scary.

sending prayers that she hasa spendy recovery and back to her old self soon.

my horse had a simular problem, she idnt have to have the opp thankfully. buti saw what it was ike with er, let alone your friend!!

Much appreciated everyone.

DH and I actually realized how serious she was as we were driving over to visit her after my post last night.

IF she had any strength to crawl back to her bed, we would not have known she was so bad off… It horrifies me to think how close it really was on Sunday.

I will keep everyone in the know as I find out…

How scary for everyone. Sending healing thoughts to Dawn.

:hug: :heart: :hug:

I will keep her, you, and her family in my thoughts and prayers…please keep us updated

Oh my goodness:hug: Prayers going out for everyone :pray:

Prayers for Dawn. :heart:

I’ll be praying.

Prayers and positive thoughts for Dawn. Thankfully, you were there. :pray:

I will be keeping her in my thoughts :hug:

Sending healing thoughts her way. Thank goodness you were there to save her.

Oh my! My thoughts are with her and all of you!