Please pray for my cat

He got his grubby little paws on one of my balls of Suri Dream hand-dyed yarn and ripped it out and spread it all over the living room. His furry days are numbered unless I can salvage that yarn. :grrr:

Please don’t get mad at him. We recently lost our 7 yr 10 month old Abbyssian kitty and we are heartbroken. Although he passed on for unknown reason in his sleep, I feel tremendous guilt for the times I didn’t pay enough attention to him while he was alive. :waah:

Oh skNYC - i’m so sorry to hear about your loss… :frowning: that’s horrible. So young…

I recently lost my 19 year old cat and even though i knew it was coming, it’s been hard.

Sabrina - i think you need to make a devil kitty costume (see What’cha knitting forum) and shame your cat for what he’s done! :wink:


Heh, I totally DO need to make him that, hedgehog. My daughter already said that last night when I showed it to her.

skNYC, I’m really sorry about your kitty. I lost one 6 years ago. I was totally crushed. You don’t need to worry about Smokey though. I’m not really mad at him. I just wanted to rant to people who’d sympathize with my plight. :teehee: Besides. Just look at him.

Ack! I’m so sorry. I hope the yarn can be salvaged!

I know how you feel. We had a stray dog show up July 4th, terrifed of the fireworks going off. We tried to find his owner, but failed, so we adopted him. This dog was awesome!!! The vet estimated him to be around 4 years old, he was housebroken, VERY mellow, knew commands and some tricks, and fit in perfectly with our dog. He got sick last Thursday and we took him to the vet who sent him back with some medicine. Friday he was much better, as he was early Saturday (the 2nd). About 10:30 last Saturday morning, he started acting strange, so hubby ran him to the vet while I watched the store. Again, they couldn’t find anything wrong with him. About 1/2 hour after they got back, he started vomiting, and did it 6 times. I called them back and asked what I should do. They told me to bring him in, so we did. Didn’t hear anything Saturday, Sunday, or all day Monday. I figured he was on his way to recovery. At 8:30 Monday the vet stopped by and said that Marley had died. He’d been fine all weekend, and was fine at 6 that evening, but when the vet went back to check something else at 8 he looked in on Marley and he was gone. 2 months to the day that he’d found us, and he was gone. We are still devastated. Apparently he’d had a massive internal bleed and basically bled to death inside - no outward signs of what exactly was going on. Everyone at the vet’s office is still in a state of shock. We’d only had him 2 months, but a lot of love grew in that 2 months.

Poor kitties :pout:

I hope the yarn gets better soon, Sabrina!

SabrinaJL: Sorry about your lost kitty. yes, CRUSH, that is how I am.
and, oh…look at Smokey. Wouldn’t your heart melt for such a cutie? My Rudy used to have the same kind of look on his face. He did a lot of mischievious things when he was a kitten. He used to attack all girl friends of mine who were under 5’5" when they came for a visit. He was just playing but they were scared of him. He was a sweetie. One time I tripped and fell off the stairs and could’t walk, he accompanied me in the middle fo the stairs for almost an hour until I was able to crawl up. He used to remind my hubby to pick me up at the bus stop at 11 pm when I took night classes. He was so human. I can never forget the morning on Sept 1 when I woke up and discovered him cold and stiff…

miccisue: I am so sorry about Marley. It’s a shame that the vets couldn’t find anything wrong with him. :verysad:

hedgehog: yes, we were expecting Rudy to live at least 15 years, at the short end, because he contracted some virual URI before we bought him from the breeder, but didn’t find out until 2 weeks afterwards. The breeder said we could bring him back and get another kittne, but we chose to keep Rudy. Who knows what they would do to him that he has incurable, contageous URI ? He lived his life like having a lifttime allergy but it didn’t seem like a sickness.