Please pray for my brother

:hug: for you both

Positive thoughts and prayers to both you and your brother.


:pray: Said a prayer for you both and sending a hug:hug:


:hug:sending you all the hugs for you and your brother. May it all work out for the good.:hug:

On the positive side, find a Va hospital close to you where he can get free medical care since he is a vet. If he retired from the military, he can be on Tricare and go to a regular physician. He needs to apply for SS disablitiy asap too so he can have some income.

I would just let him know how much you love him and kind of pump up the fact that you would love having his company all the time.

Beta-blockers improve the heart’s ability to relax, decrease the production of harmful substances produced by the body in response to heart failure and slow the heart rate. Over time, beta-blockers improve the heart’s pumping ability. (from WebMD) This will help him have better ability to breathe along with the oxygen.

My prayers are with you!:hug: