Please Pray for Baby Kaleb and his family

I do not personally know this baby but I seen this video and my heart goes out to this poor innocent baby and his family:muah:. I think they could all use our prayers:pray:
Link to the video:

WARNING: This is very sad and it made me cry

And what’s sad is that he is one of many…

Oh yeah, I saw that yesterday… Isn’t that terrible?! Poor Kaleb and many other children. How could someone think of even doing such a thing? :pout:

the nicest thing i can think to say is that i hope the person who harmed this child suffers to the bottom of their very soul, every. single. second. for the rest of their miserable scum-sucking life.

i couldn’t finish watching the video.

My parents used to take in emergency foster kids. One little boy that they fostered was a shaken baby. We got him right out of the hospital. His father had shaken the baby and then took him to the babysitters. Poor babysitter was blamed for a while before they figured out what really happened. It was so sad to watch this little boy who couldn’t even unclench his fingers or his toes on his own. I was taught to change his feeding tube, how to work the machine and how to massage his leg and arm muscles. It really makes you painfully aware of how fragile those little ones are. He was the sweetest little boy and you could tell if he was happy or if he was sad by the rate of his breathing. Today I think that he is 7 or 8. Because of his father he will have to use leg braces and one of those canes for the rest of his life and he will always have learning and focus problems. It really is sad to see. :pray:

:hug::muah::hug::muah::hug::muah::hug::muah:to Kaleb’s Family and :pray::pray::pray::pray:

I added the video to my myspace account, their little blood vessels in their heads are so fragile, even after they’re a year old. Another thing to think about is that even if a baby is tossed up in the air playfully by the parents this could happen. They’re so fragile, I have to see kids tossed up in the air till they’re much older and have lots of stability in their head and neck. I cried big time watching this video.

Oh gosh… I read about that a few days ago. I can’t even imagine how they must feel.

Did anyone see the mother’s blog where she said they had a hard time finding caps for him? I thought of KH first. I wonder if we could send some for him and other little babies there.

That made me tear up. How could somebody do that to an innocent baby?

there are many stories that circulate about horrible things like this little one. As always I check them on the snopes hoax site…

so sad this is true!! my prayers are with the family and the little angel

:pray: for Baby Kaleb and his family.

I am deeply sadden that this happened to this innocent baby. I myself have two little ones…

Yes! It’s so sad, and really it makes me want to be a babysitter again. It’s ridiculous what I have seen on so many ‘hidden camera’ segments on some shows. It just kills me to see them do such horrible things to innocent children, even if they are ‘acting up’. Children don’t deserve harm. No one does, IMHO. Especially children though.

That is the saddest thing I think I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stop crying and I forwarded the video to everyone on my address list. Poor baby Kaleb :heart: