Please please help


I am really stuck on a pattern

K1 Up1 K4

i have no idea wat Up1 means. It is an increase but for some reason its not a normal increase no idea how to do it

Sounds like an increase alright. Does the pattern define how to do the “up 1”? If not, I’ve seen it defined as a KRL which is shown on the Increases page.

its defo increase, would i get away with using my normal way. the pattern says

pick up loop lying between needles and work into back of it.

any ideas?

You could probably do your favorite increase, (what is it?) just watch the stitch count. The increase made by lifting the strand of yarn between stitches is also shown on the Increases page and it’s a neat and barely visible one.

thank u for tat

i just go into the back of a stitch that is allready there. so its going to make the same amount of stitches

No you don’t knit into the back of a stitch - look at the stitches on your needle and you’ll see a strand of yarn between the one on the L and on the R. Lift that strand with a needle and knit or purl into it so it’s twisted. This is an increase and will add a stitch.

Sue, it’ll work to do the increase in the back of the adjacent stitch in place of the lifted strand. it’s not what the pattern may be calling for but I often do this substitution myself. The important thing is to keep track of the increase and the stitch that follows. They’re separate. The stitch worked into the back loop is the increase and knitting the next loop on the left needle counts as a knit one.
These increases are easier to count if you lift the strand between sts because you’re so clearly between two sts but just keep track of the stitches and you’ll be ok.

I thought she was talking about a kfb when she said ‘go into the back of a stitch’.

Aha, could be. I always tend to think of KRL but maybe lolly is thinking of kfb.