Please - New knitter needs help with Pattern!


Just found this forum after a google search - hope someone can help me as I feel like I have lost the ability to count! :doh:

I have just decided to start knittin again but haven’t done so for years - my knowledge is very very basic!

I’ve just started a pattern and this is what it tells me to do at the start:

Cast on 85 stitches
(k1,p1) 1 time, *cast off 3 sts, p1, k1, p1, rep from * to last 6 stitches, (p1,k1) 1 times.
Left with 49 stitches

I have followed the instructions but I’m left with 43 stitches! Please can someone help me and explain how you go from 85 to 49? I must be doing something very basic wrong!

Thank you so much for any help :slight_smile:

Apparently you cast off 3 one too many times or didn’t work the right number of sts for them. K1, p1, then work 2 more sts, pass one over, k1, pass one over and knit one more for the 3rd cast off stitch. Then p1, k1, p1 and knit 2 more pass one over, etc.

Thank you so much :woot:

I was casting of the last p1 stitch every time rather than knitting a new stitch first. So I ended up with groups of 3 rather than 4 - I knew I must have been doing something fundamental wrong! Thank you so much - thought I was going to have to give up at the first line!!

I know have 49 stitches - only 2 hours after I started :rofl: Hopefully I will pick up the pace!

Thanks again :slight_smile: Think I migh become a regular here!

[B]The part of your post[/B] that I changed to[COLOR=Red] red chararcters and numbers[/COLOR] [B]seems to be an error![/B]

Here’s why I am suspicious: If you are [U]supposed to repeat the[/U] [*cast off 3 st, p1, k1, p1] [U]sequence
to the last [COLOR=Blue][B]6 stitches[/B][/COLOR][/U]…how come the instructions say to (p1, k1) [I]1 time?[/I] :??

(P1 K1) is only 2 stitches…NOT 6.

Me thinks there is an error in the pattern, or else, you may not be reading the pattern right.

Yeah, I wondered that, then also thought it may be a typo on the OP’s part.