Please look at pictures and tell me what to do!(ChicKami)

Amber, I hope you see this…or anyone else (Ingy?) who can help. I’ve already frogged because there was no way I did it right…here’s the background.

The ChicKami was knit in the round. At raglan shaping I bound off 10 stitches on each side, which divided the back and front. The stitches that I bound off are on the right needle and there’s one stitch on the right needle, after the 10 bound off stitches. The front of the ChicKami is on stitch holders and the back is on the needles. The pattern now states:

Foundation Row(RS): 1 st is on the needle from the last Bind-Off, K1, P1, SSK, K across row to last 5 stitches, K2TOG, P1, K2.

Now, the rest of the ChicKami is knit back and forth, but the knit row has already been done and you aren’t supposed to join in the round. So how am I doing the knit row? When I did it the first time, it ended up that I joined and I screwed it all up.

Please help, I can’t go any further without guidance! :smiley:

I haven’t knitted this one, but I would say that you have to knit the stitches that are on the holder now, so you’re knitting your front first.
The foundation row would than be the first row of your front.

Hope that helps and is right!

According to the pattern, it says:
The stitches you have just worked will be the back.
The ones still on the needle in the picture,
Put the other 85 stitches that will form the front on a holder or waste yarn

So if you were to work the stitches on the holder next, why would I have put those on a holder then take them off? So I don’t think that’s right… :thinking:

And then later in the pattern it says:
Front: Attach yarn with the RS facing you and repeat shaping as for back

"The stitches that you just worked will be the back" are probably referring to the foundation row which you haven’t knit yet. Those are the stitches that are on the holder and that you put on the holder too soon, I believe. I’d but those back on the needle, work to the end of that row and put the other stitches on the holder instead.

So basically I should be the stitches that are currently on holders back on the needle and work the foundation row…then put the ones that are currently on the needle on a holder?
I don’t like the way the pattern is worded if that’s the case… :thinking:

That’s how I would read it and do it.

PS, I’ve been stalking this website waiting for you, Ingrid!! :smiley:
I guess it doesn’t make a difference which is the front or the back since it’s an identical piece back and front… :thinking:

Thanks Ingy!! :heart:

I’ve been sneaking in away from company to make sure you got it! :heart:

:heart: I’ve moved everything and am now ready to start the foundation row (in between watching a movie with Chris :smiley: )

Gah, just saw this Andrea, sorry! Okay, I was confused at that point in the pattern too…I’m looking back over it now…

Okay, I think I ended up deciding that the sentence, “The stitiches you just worked will be the back” was a typo and they meant “front.” I put those stitches (the ones I just worked) on a holder and then continued with the instructions for the back. Does that make sense? It’s so hard for me to visualize without actually doing it, but I think that is how I interpreted the pattern.