Please Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

I absolutely HAVE to get a job. I’ve been trying off and on for the past few months now but nothing has panned out, however, I tried calling a daycare close to my home today and they are hiring!

I went in and filled out an application, and, the lady I talked with “knows” me because the daycare provides transportation for students at my daughter’s school, and, she recognizes me from walking my daughter to and from school throughout the week.

I’m really hoping I get this job! My schedule is a bit limited due to hubby having work, and school in the evenings, not having a way to get my daughter to and from school if I can’t get her, and, not having a babysitter for my son throughout the week. But, the hours I would work at the daycare wouldn’t really interfere with hubby’s school or anything! They are open from 6-6, and, even if I had to work until 6, I’m sure I’d be able to at least pick up my daughter since the daycare is only one street over from my daughter’s school. I’m also hoping I would be able to bring my son with me.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, I need this badly!

Good luck. I hope you get word soon.

Crossed Fingers Crossing Fingers!!!

Oh, good luck! I know that this job would mean a lot to you.


Good luck! I really hope it works out for you.

good luck, got Crossed Fingers for you

Good Luck. Hope it works out for you. :pray:

:hug: Good Luck!!

Best wishes to you. Hope everything works out for you.

You know you’ve got my prayers…please keep us updated!!! :hug:

Same from me! Hope you get the job!!! :hug:

I hope it’s the right fit for your needs. I wonder since they provide transportation for students from your daughter’s school, why couldn’t she at least get a ride there if you need to work? Would there be any space for your son in another room? Just some thoughts that went through mind in hopes you would be able to make this work easier for you & your family.

Good luck, I hope you get the job! :hug:

fingers crossed (toes too)

If I had to go in at 6 in the morning, I would see if I could bring my daughter with me until school starts and if she could get a ride there (or if I could walk her to school real quick), if not, hopefully going in at 8am wouldn’t be a problem! If I get the job I’m going to see if I can take my son with me; if not at no cost, I think (and hope!) there would at least be a discount available. Luckily the lady I spoke with today knows I have to get my daughter to school no later than 7:45 and pick her up at 2:45 so I’m hoping she’ll be accommodating!

Crossed Fingers Good luck!

Crossed Fingers Crossing all my crossables for you. :hug: