Please Keep her in Prayers.. Now doing better

I want to knit my daughter a nice top that she can wear after the baby, that would allow easy access for breastfeeding. What I need help on is what kind of yarn? She lives in San Diego and is very hot natured. She needs something light weight and easy to care for… She also has a 2 yr old… I tend to shy away from cotton due to it stretching… I want something that will look nice, and stand up to life. But nice enough she can wear it if they ever go out for dinner or such.

Hmm…how about a nice cotton blend?

Cotton Ease
Shine worsted or sport

I’m sure there are a lot of other cotton blends, too.

I don’t know if this is good advice, but I made something with Berroco Cotton Twist and loved working with it. It looks and feels like Egyptian cotton, but is 30% acrylic so it holds its shape. I didn’t use it for apparel though, so I’m not sure how it drapes, maybe someone else can comment on that?

Definitely cotton or linen. Linen is amazing, and if she is ever “done” with the garment, you can pull it out and make the most amazing dishtowels ever.

have you seen the breast-feeding top on knitty? i dunno about wearing it out, but its a tank top so hopfully it shouldnt be too hot.

I like the top from knitty. I could see putting an open shirt over it and wearing it out.

Daughter in labor… I’m knitting like crazy to stay calm… had to update… keep fingers crossed!!!

how extremely exciting… I hope the labour goes well for mum and bub :hug:

You better get knitting, your on a deadline now!!

Good luck to her!! :cheering:

Woohoo! I’ll keep her (and you) in my prayers tonight.

She went into labor about 5 p.m. pst. then stopped at midnight. Started again at 3:30 a.m. Pains about 7 min apart… but not consistent. OK… Who is on Stork duty? Tell the silly bird to drop off the package!

Any updates?

Draco Maximus Parker/ born 1-12-07, at 5:15 pst,
length 20 inches. weight 7lb 9 oz

Had to do C-Section… Prob w/ deliver… her placenta was disolving… Dr. misjudged due date by about 2-3 weeks.

Son & Mother… ok… MeMaw(me) a nervous wreck.

Father already sending pics

They are in San Diego… I’m be there in about 1-2 weeks. when mother in law leaves… so I can take over helping.


Congratulations!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Welcome, Draco!! :heart: :cheering:

Congratulations, MeMaw! :muah:

With a name like “Big Dragon”, I hope his hair is fiery red. That would be fabulous! :teehee: Baby needs one of those dragon scarves from Moorehouse Farms. :cheering:

He could be red- headed… It runs in my side of family. and yes…lol I saw the dragon scarf and thought of him, lol.

I’m so nervous I’ve knitted the wrong way 3 times!

I’m going to call her again in a bit…but had to tell you guys. Thanks soo much for putting up w/ me.

Bear Hugs all around!

That’s wonderful news.

:muah: to all!

Congratulations!!! My kids called my mother Memaw for the longest time. It brought back some fond memories.

Congratuations on the new grandbaby, and glad to hear the mom & baby are doing well despite the complications. I bet you can’t wait to see the little guy!!


Congratulations! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: