Please just delete the obscene msg

I want this addressed immediately.

Thank you,

I got one as well and just deleted it.

I forwarded it to Sheldon… hope that was the right thing to do…

Just delete it! I suspect she sent to many people. :zombie: I have BANNED her!

:???: Did you really think we wouldn’t?? I got to it immediately after I found out.

:rofl: I go it too…

It may take us a minute to find it which is why it’s good to let us know…but once a Mod does, it is taking care of…Thank you Jan :thumbsup:

how do you delete the msg

I sent it to Sheldon and Amy too, then deleted it!

Click the box on the right of the post and then scroll down to the drop down box. It’ll say delete.

Really, it’s not necessary to foward this kind of thing. I ended up with multiple copies because of forwards. Ick. You can let us know w/o forwarding, but for the record when this happens it usually happens to everyone so we are well aware of it. :wink:

OK, sorry. I didn’t mean to upset anyone. I thought I was doing the right thing. Next time I will just look for a mod and inform them, if they don’t already know, or perhaps mind my business and assume someone will tell a mod.

Good to know… Thanks for being so quick on this…

Our Mods are awesome and they always keep a really close eye on things!

Thanks Guys!!! :muah:

No problem, Christine. We do need to be informed of these things so don’t stop doing that. It’s just that everyone is upset and if they all forward the PM you have to remember I have to open them up to see the text you wrote and I was bombarded with porn. :teehee: and :zombie: What you could do is inform us and if we ask then forward it. :thumbsup:

I just deleted it as well. Yuck! I’m glad I’m not the only one who got this “lovely” private message, although from the title of it, I knew it had to be gross. It seems some people have way too much time on their hands to be sending out junk like this.

Sheldon as purged all the PM’s that were from this person so if you are just reading this and wondering why it says you have a PM, but then you don’t…that’s why.

BTW turned out this was a hacker. Nice. :hair:

I guess some people have nothing better to do. :shrug:

For one that’s in your private messages, just click the little box on the right side and scroll down to where it says GO and select Delete, then click Go. You don’t even have to open it.

Well, see, now I am just mad I didn’t get it. hmph!


Aw, man, I didn’t get it! I feel so left out. lol

I’m lost what obscene msg? i don’t check for 2 hrs and i miss out. that’s what i get for not checking every 1/2 like i normally do. j/k. guess I lucked out.