Please! It's just because I LOVE KH!

This is a public plea for a totally OT forum. Amy, I asked you long ago when I was a mod, and was politely turned down. (Don’t worry, I still love you anyway!) But because I’m hard headed and determined, I’m asking again… and asking for backup.

I would love an off topic forum. A casual chit-chat kinda forum for us KH lovers who have something to discuss that’s not knitting related. I admit, I come here first when I need input from my online friends. Even before my own blog! I come here for OT because I love how no one here is catty, snotty or rude. I love KH because everyone is helpful and always willing to lend an ear or offer advice. I don’t know of ANY other forum anywhere with such a pleasant atmosphere. Honestly. I love KH so much for this reason. So this is where I come for OT discussions.

But, I admit, I feel weird about posting OT topics in a knitting forum. I feel like I’m invading the knitter’s place with my off topic subjects and sometimes I just don’t post because I don’t want to be constantly posting OT topics.

Amy, if we had our own forum for OT, we wouldn’t feel awkward posting our OT topics and those who don’t like OT, wouldn’t have to weed through them for the knitting topics. (I say WE with the assumption that I’m not alone here, but ok, maybe I am. And if so, just ignore me and pretend I’m not being a total disruption.)

Don’t get me wrong, I like all the forums here at KH, but I just wish we had one more. A casual off topic forum for everything else.

Anyone with me?

i voted ‘yes’ to an OT section for the forum - knitting is what connects us all here at KH, but there is a world outside knitting! it would be fun to find out what else we all have in common, and an OT section would be great for that!

I don’t think we need another forum, but maybe that’s just me. If you get too many it gets to be a pain like at knitter’s review. Ugh.

I agree with Silver. I like to read the OT as well as the knitted related post, but I would perfer not to have to sort through the one to read the other.

:thumbsup:I’m ok with another OT forum. I understand that too many kind of skews the homey ness, but a spinning and knitter’s knear you and such have been added. I love the chit chat and although I do actually knit, I am totally lame about posting pics and such. I love to add to people blogs I give less attention to my own:teehee: and to the OT threads. I don’t feel it will detract. We all do pretty well in how we address the OT stuff so I don’t feel it would get out of hand

Yeah, that’s what Amy said when I first asked her. But… um… not to be a pain, but since I asked the first time, there are 4 new forums (Knit-Alongs, Charity Knitting, Knitters Knear You and Creating Yarn). They’re all great, but there’s still no OT forum. :pout:

Just one more itsy bitsy little forum?

If those sad eyes dont get it for you Silver… I dont know that anything will … :teehee:

awwwww… I love Puss 'n Boots. I’ll vote yes.

The Kno-Knit Zone?

You’re right, we do have new forums, but the new ones (and most of the old ones) all pertain to some aspect of knitting. That leaves the General Forum, Buy/Sell/Swap and the Blogs.

Basically the General Forum [I]IS[/I] an OT+ forum, it’s just not labeled that way in the title. People do ask questions there and we often move them to the correct forums. I don’t think another OT forum would really serve any purpose since a good many of the posts are already OT in the General Forum. Don’t you think that if we had an OT forum that you’d get knitting questions in there which would really make it like the General Forum we have now? :shrug:

All this being said I am not the final say here, it’s Amy. I’ve alerted her so we’ll see what happens.

Glad you didn’t use the donkey one. :teehee:
He tries the look in Shrek 3 and it’s pitiful, not in a good way:roflhard:

My word’s exactly. But, I do see how an OT forum would be appealing, but this is a nice, cozy place as it is, and like Amy always says, more forums just make the members feel scattered, like where the new members are in one forum, and the old members are in another forum.

Ooookkkk…my two penny worth.

I think what is here is reasonable as it stands for OT however, I DO understand the thrust of the request BUT…but…there is always a trade off for anything that opens doors. Let’s put it another way, in the time I’ve been on this forum I’ve seen very minimal bad blood or problematic comments however, when you really open a forum up it paves the way for all manner of topics and comments. Problems can, oddly, arise from over familiarity amongst some also. (An odd comment but I’ve been around net forums a lot of years). I guess I’m thinking of mod workload in overseeing what’s going on.

The mods do a great job here and are wonderful, as posters are, in advising on knitting issues sooooo…I would prefer that remained the thrust of their tasks here with just a little roll over into OT.

It would be easy for me to fence sit but…if I HAD to vote…I’d vote no and wait for the rotten tomatoes to hit me…arrgggghhh…not when I’m carrying my yarn!!

Aren’t there a couple of forums here to post OT on…OR…or…could you develop an OT forum and just ask Amy etc to allow it to link from here??

When this has come up before, I said no but I have been swayed. Honestly, there is so much OT stuff on the general forum now I find it somewhat frustrating to weed through. I have posted them and partake in them but still find it frustrating none-the-less. I don’t read the blog threads unless someone directs me there because they are far too overwhelming and I am starting to feel this way about the general forum. I find myself coming in less often these days because of it.

I don’t mind the conversations… I love the conversations. However, sometimes I just want to come and talk about knitting without the work (yeah… scanning is hard work for me! :wink: )

Brenda, you have a great point! That would be a great reason for a new forum, but, this is a great place as it is.

Let me just say, though, I wouldn’t EVER want it to get to the point where people were sniping at someone who posted on the “incorrect” forum. I don’t think we have the people who would do that here but I just wanted to be clear that I wasn’t wanting something heavily policed. But if it became one of those threads that was on the “incorrect” (sorry using it for lack of a better word in my sleepy state right now) forum that got to be several pages long, then maybe it could be moved. Just an example.

Exactly, on Knitter’s Review, someone (a new member) was reprimanded by every other member for posting in the wrong board, then told them to remove the post and repost it in the “correct” board. I personally don’t think KH will ever become like that, but…

The main reason I come to the General knitting forum is to read the OT threads. I usually only read the knitting related ones if they sound interesting. You guys are just about my only non-family adult contact, ya know!! (Can you say, “Big-time hermit?”)

I help run a small cat forum, and the OT forum is definitely the most popular one. People go there to talk and read about cats, but we talk about absolutely everything in the OT forum and it’s alot of fun. I would enjoy that here as well. And the general forum here is most definitely bursting at the seams. Sometimes I find a thread interesting and come back the next day to catch up on it and it has long been pushed to page 2 or even 3.

And I’d like to add that Amy and Sheldon and all the mods do a fantastic job. :muah:

[COLOR=blue]This post’s Swedish word/phrase: “Jag brukar inte rösta” = “I don’t usually vote”

I don’t usually vote in these polls but I felt I had to in this one. The question on opening a separate forum for OT has been asked before (and not just by Silver) and I’ve been one in the no-crowd, thinking of how easy it is to loose the “overview” of a forum if it has too many different sections.

But I have, just as Brenda, swayed. When I started coming on KH, I always went to General Forum first. Then I might have ventured to the other sections if I had time. Now, I hardly ever go to the General Forum and I rarely post anything here either. It’s just too overwhelming with all these different OT-threads…

I honestly don’t really care about the pregnancies (unless it belongs to someone I talk to on a regular basis and consider my friend), the different TV shows, or the diets, or the troublesome kids… :shrug: I [I]do[/I] care about the knitting books, the fun links that lead to something related to knitting, talk about knitting classes and workshops, peoples’ experiences while KIP, yarn sales, and so on…

As it is now, I find that I have a hard time finding these threads quickly. And if I want to return to a thread two or three days later, I might have to scroll through several pages before finding it as a result of maaaany OT-postings.

Just my 2 cents… :shrug:

I voted no (sorry, Kristin!). First of all, I probably wouldn’t make it over to an OT Forum very often. I only read the OT stuff cause it’s right in front of me in the General folder, I wouldn’t search it out. And like with the knitting related posts, I’m selective about what I read.

Second, I counted posts and out of the first 50 posts, only 10 were OT and even some of them were kinda sorta knitting related.
I don’t think I’ve ever come to this forum and felt bogged down by the OT posts.

In my opinion the General Folder is the gateway that I browse through first, kinda like a big room where everyone can gather and chat for a bit before breaking off into their more specific groups like patterns, help wanted and the others. I can get a feel for what’s going on with everyone in the General folder without having to go somewhere else specific to find out how everyone’s doing.

Then, when I want to focus on just knitting related stuff, I start reading the more specific folders.

Just my .02