Please hep me!i'm newbie

I’m knitting my first sweater is a baby one, and i ve already finished the back, the front and sleeves.I’m almost at the end but the problem is i don’t understand how to form the neck border ,is a V neck.

This is what is written in the pattern:

With right side facing and using 4 mm.Needles, K.accross on 7 sts.of Left Sleeve, pick up and knit 31 sts. evenly along left side of neck, knit st from stitch holder (center st), then pick up and knit 31 sts. evenly along right side of neck.99 sts.

My questions are:
-K.accross:that is means just tp pass my needle trought the 7 sts. left on my stcich holder? ans how can i knit them in the same time.

  • Same question for the stiches i’m picking up, how can i pick ans knit? :??

Last questions, i really don’t understand how will i pick up all those stiches in left as in front side in the same time with straight needle because it has already a V shape , how will i knit :??

Any assistance please.
Thank you!

When it says to knit across the 7 stitches, just knit them.

To pick up and knit the stitches where they’re bound off, look here.
You should be able to just knit the one stitch off the holder and then pick up the stitches along the other side.

Don’t worry about the v shape. It will stretch out along your needles with no problem.

Thank you so much Ingrid, i understand more now :cheering: .

but i have a another question and sorry it is a stupid one, while it said to knit left sleeve is the left when i’m wearing or the left side when it lay down. Because to knit , i have to begin from right to left.

I saw the video for picking up stiches, i know how to pick them but my questions is why don’t they write just pick up stiches, because i got confused when it was written pick up and knit. so i have just to pick up one and knit and so on…

I get confused myself, i hope you understand what i wrote.

Whenever a pattern refers to the left or right side of a sweater, it’s as you wear it.

Pick up and knit is usually used to mean the same as pick up stitches, and that’s the way neckbands are done, in my experience. 99% of the time, we pick up the stitches as the video shows.

On rare occasion we have to just insert a needle into the loops to connect two pieces.

Merci beaucoup for your help, i really understand now.I hope i will be able to post a picture when finished.

Dear Fleurs,
I am having the same doubt as you had. As to why they say, pick up and knit. And thats what got me confused. But I read the responses to your question and got it.
I have another doubt. My pattern for the neckband says, pick up 13 st at the right side. 20 at the back and 13 on the left.
Well, there are 20 at the back but more than 13 st each on either side. Does that mean I don’t have to pick thru every single st. If I leave some st in between, it will all gather up and won’t give a smooth look?
I hope you can picturise, it will pull the neck border to give a pleated look.
Did you come across any video for picking up st. for the neckband.
(I saw the one on this site.)

You don’t have to pick up in each stitch. it will not leave a puckered edge, but rather a tighter, less floppy edge.

So that means, even if I pick up say alternate st., there won’t be any gaps in the border? Should I go ahead picking alternate st?

It depends on how many you have. If it works out that you pick up 13 by picking up every other stitch, then do that. Here is an article about skipping stitches.

Sometimes you might pick up 2, skip one; or pick up 3, skip one. As long as the skips are evenly divided, then that’s what you can do.