Please help!

Hi everyone! I’m a newbie on here and need some help please!!

I’m trying to knit Gromit’s blankie, and have just started the decreases but the edges are not giving me the nice button hole effect that the increase rows give me. I’ve had a look at the user comments and tried the decreases they suggest, but this doesn’t appear to work either :cry: Does anyone have any ideas?? The pattern is c/o 3, then k1,y/o and then k to end of the row, repeat until 135 sts then decrease by k1, k2tog to last 3, k2tog, k1

Many thanks in advance!


That type of decrease is not going to give you a hole because the hole is caused by doing a yarn over!! So you will only get the holes on the increase side.

If you want holes on both sides then you will have to use a different pattern. has one called “Knit Diagonal Pattern Baby Blanket” that you could try!!

Happy knitting!!

Hi again!! I just read thru the replies under the pattern for the blanket and realized that Danielle’s suggestion of:

k1, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k to end of row
Repeat this row until only 3 Sts remain. BO

Should work fine!!! Look at the comments and re ad the one from Danielle.

Hope this helps,