Please help

Hello everyone! I just joined and I am a fairly new knitter-two years self taught. I am making a pair of mittens and I am stuck.
I finished my cuff correctly. :slight_smile:️ but now it says:
(WS). P20. (M1. P3) 7 times. M1P. P2. 51 stitches.
I thread the knitting needle back through the cuff so facing wrong side. And I only get through 1 of the (M1. P3) sets before I reach end of row.
Please help.

Do you have a pattern name and link? And why did you put your needle in to face the wrong side? Are you knitting flat or in the round?

The pattern is in a book. And it said to knit WS. Two needles. Not in the round.

I don’t understand what you mean by threading the needle back through the stitches either. You should have finished the cuff after knitting a right side (RS) row. Now you’re ready to knit on the WS.
You should have 43sts on the needle. For the M1, pick up the strand between the stitches as in this video

Thank you for your reply! So after I finished and bound off the cuff I had the same stitches I started with in a row. 25. So do I start with new yarn and cast on again? Or start with the purl 20 from the cuff? I wish I could ask my group I just joined but they only meet on Mondays.

At the end of the increase row you should have 51sts.
(WS). P20. (M1. P3) 7 times. M1P. P2. [U]51 stitches[/U].
Since there are 8 increases across the row, you have to start the row with 43sts. There must be a mistake earlier in your knitting if you only have 20sts.
Usually, you knit the cuff, do an increase row and continue with the mitten. I’m wondering why you have bound off sts?
What were the directions at the end of the cuff and before the increase row that you quoted?

Ok ladies.
I found a place where I skipped a section before I do the crazy increase I was stressed about. So apparently I am supposed to :
"With RS facing, pick up and knit 43 sts evenly across marked top edge of cuff. "
I have 26 sts from cast off. The last instruction was to say off in pattern.
How do I knit 43 sts if I ended with 26.

You need to pick up or create 43 new stitches in the marked top edge of the cuff. Here’s a video for picking up sts:

What is the name of the pattern that you’re making?