Please help

please help i am stuck on new pattern
1st row – Knit
** 2nd row – Sl 1, Knit to last st, turn
3rd and 4th rows- Sl 1, Knit to last 2 sts, turn
5th and 6th rows- Sl 1, Knit to last 3 sts, turn
continue working one st less at end of every row, until 8 sts remain unworked at each end.[/I]

i though it did it right but i dont have any unworked stitches

Each time you turn you’re leaving an additional unworked stitch at the end of the needle. On row 2, knit all the sts until there is one stitch left on the left hand needle, turn. On row 3, knit until 2sts remain on the left needle, turn. Do the same on row 4. Now you have 2 unworked sts at each end of the knit piece. When you complete rows 5 and 6, you’ll have 3 unworked sts at each end and so on. Every time you complete 2 more rows you’re adding to the unworked sts on the ends of the needles.
Can you tell us what you’re making or give us a link to the pattern?

the pattern is

what are the unworked stitches meant to look like?

The unworked sts are just going to look like regular loops over the needle. There’ll be a slight gap where you turned that may help you in figuring out where you are but really, just counting how many sts are left on the left needle will tell you where to turn.
Basically, you’re knitting a bulge in the fabric. It’s short rows so that there’ll be more rows in the center of your piece than at the sides.

ok got tat thank u. It looks right now I am down to

[I]Next row- Sl 1, Knit across all sts, picking up horizontal loop and knitting it together with next st at each turning point.[/I]

do i then just knit across all the missed ones. I dont get [I]the knitting it together with next st at each turning point[/I] part.

Grrrr but thanks for help

Hmm, what a pattern. It seems that they want you to do a wrap & turn (w&t) at the turning point. That gives you a horizontal loop. They aren’t very good about warning you that that’s the kind of short rows that they want. Sorry about that. I was deliberately avoiding confusing the issue but it seems that they want the rows done this way:

This will avoid holes at the turn points. Once you do this, then yes, you knit all the way across the row including the end sts.

that is really complicated lol I think I might look for another ball pattern. I am sure there are some easier ones out there

It does look like there are lots of patterns available. See if there is a better one.

You could try the one I teach ona circular or double points:

Cast on six stitches. If you’re working on double points, put two stitches on each needle; if you’re using a circular, get your magic loop established.
First real round: Knit one, yarn over all the way around.
Second round: Knit every stitch.
Third round: (Knit two, yarn over) six times. Count your stitches. You should have twelve stitches and six yarn overs.
Fourth round: Knit.
Fifth round: (Knit three, yarn over) six times.
Sixth round: Knit.
Seventh round: (Knit four, yarn over) six times.
See how it goes? Since you knit the yarn overs as stitches on the even rounds, you have one more stitch to work with each time and the ball grows. The easy way to keep going is to use six stitch markers, place them after each yarn over, and keep adding a yarn over after every group of stitches. The ninth round will have five, the eleventh six–that’s a good size for a small ball in worsted weight. When it’s as big as you want, do this:
Middle of Ball:
First row: (Knit to last two stitches before marker, knit two together, yarn over) around. This will leave the same number of stitches overall, but will keep the eyelet pattern going.
Second row: Knit.
Third row: Do the same thing as the first row.
Fourth row: Knit.

Now decrease for the top of the ball:
First decrease row: Knit to four stitches before a marker. Knit two together. Knit two together again. Yarn over. This makes each group smaller, but keeps the eyelets in place.
Second row: Knit.
Keep doing the same thing, decreasing twice and adding a yarn over in each group on one row, knitting all the stitches the next, until you can just stick a finger into the opening. For me, that usually happens when I have eight stitches and four yarn overs left. Stuff the ball. On the next row, knit. On the last row, knit all three stitches on each group together (use a crochet hook if you need to.) Cut your yarn at least six inches from your work and put it in a yarn needle. Run it through the six remaining stitches a couple of times, pull it tight, knot it a couple of times and bury the knot in the filling.
You can run ribbon or a different yarn through the eyelets. Once you’re used to doing this, you can use any increase you like to make the ball solid rather than lacy.