Please help!

i’m newish to knitting and have jumped in with both feet making my daughter a poncho style jumper, all was going well until it came to the sleeves!! its in a 3x3 rib pattern which i can handle… then it decides to spring this little surprise on me… next row, rib 1, pick up loop between last and next stitch and work into the back of this loop (this will now be referred to as m1), rib to last st, m1, rib 1. 39 [43,45,47,51;51]sts. inc i st as before at each end of every 6th row to 45[;59]sts, working inc sts in rib… i get the mi (after watching a video on here of how to do it :slight_smile: ) but what i dont get is how to work the inc st into the rib pattern?? its all going completely wrong when i then carry on with the rib i was doing before :?? the rib pattern is going skewiff and i am having to keep unpicking it all and starting again all advice would be gladly appriciated :muah:

The ribbing will have to expand to accommodate the increases. Are you knitting it flat or in the round? Will the increases be on the underarm side?

If you can tell us the pattern name and link it will help.

To keep in ribbing even after incs or decs you knit the sts the way they look on the left needle. If it looks like a knit, knit it - if it looks like a purl, purl it. Since this is at the edges of a row on the sleeve, you don’t have to include the edge sts in the rib pattern as they’ll be hidden in the seam. So just work the new stitches into the pattern - if you have edge st, new stitch and 3 knits, the new stitch will be a purl. If you’re at the end of the row and it’s 3 purls, new st, edge stitch, the new stitch will be knit. After you do a couple rows you should be able to see how it works.

pattern is… poncho in sirdar crofter dk 2367, thank you for your response x