Please help!

Hello; I am knitting a baby layette and I don’t understand something; it says the following: “Knit 15 stitches, [COLOR=“Red”]Slip next 19 stitches to stitch holder; [COLOR=“Black”]with second yarn, knit across: 15 stitches EACH side.” I don’t understand the "…Slip… part. I thank you in advance for an explanation.:slight_smile: [/COLOR][/COLOR]

After you knit 15, put the next 19 sts on a holder and leave them, they’ll be the back of the neck. Then drop your yarn and with a new end, knit the 15 sts on the other side of the ones on the holder. I’ll look something like this - vvvvvv______vvvvv. That makes the shoulders and you’ll knit each of them with their own yarn.

Thank you but I have a quick question again; what does holder mean?

A stitch holder - it can be another needle, or something that looks like a super large safety pin. You can also thread another piece of yarn through them; make it twice as long as the width of the sts, then tie a bow in the ends so the sts don’t slip out.

Thank you so much! you have been so helpful! I appreciate it!

You can put those stitches onto a piece of contrasting waste yarn. The stitch holders are a commercial item that looks like the same material a metal knitting needle is made of, but the article is bent like a safety pin. It’s just a big giant safety pin you put your stitches on. I never liked those things because they always seemed to get in my way when I knit. In a pinch, you can put those stitches onto a bunch of bobby pins lined up all in row. The vee grooves keep the stitches from falling off. A bobby pin also makes a good cable needle. I also use a bobby pin to mark the beginning of my round in crochet. It slips in and out of the stitches and can be moved easily.