Please help!

i just started knitting today. im trying to knit a scarg but ive got a problem. the string in between the needles gets longer and longer with every stitch. its over a foot and a half long now, and whenever i finish a row, theres a huuuuuge length of string just hanging from one stich to the last stitch. what am i doing wrong??

i would suggest going onto youtube and watching a few begginer videos, much easier once you see someone else doing it

good luck

You don’t even need to leave this site, Knitting Help, for videos. There are a number of videos linked to this page.

Watch whichever cast-on you used to see whether you did it correctly, then watch the knit-stitch and purl-stitch videos in either English/throw style or Continental/pick style (whichever you’re using).

If you still haven’t diagnosed where the long “string” is coming from, take a look at the “Small Project” video.

All of these are linked to the page I gave in my first paragraph–and there are many more videos, too! All well shot and clear.


P.S. I only learned to knit in May 2011, so I’m a fairly new knitter, too. :slight_smile:

Which cast on are you doing? If you’re using a backward loop (aka single or e-wrap) it always does that if you’re using it for more than a few stitches.

How many rows have you knit? If you’re using a different cast on and it’s doing that then I suggest you check the video section as suggested and make sure you’re knitting the stitches correctly.

[QUOTE=DogCatMom;1336074]You don’t even need to leave this site, Knitting Help, for videos. There are a number of videos linked to this page.QUOTE]

you learn something new everyday, thanks, ive been trawling utube, didnt know the site had its own vids.



Amy, has the absolute best videos for learning I have ever seen and I should know, I knit left handed and learned some techniques from her showing it right handed but it was so clear it wasn’t hard for me to turn it around. If you have an Iphone, get the app. It isn’t expensive and when you get stuck knitting on something and are out and about away from the computer, you can even look at her videos from your phone. Love it love it!!!

I agree with Jan, it is probably your cast on. Try long tail.