Please Help

I have been stuck for days now. Can someone please help me with this one? My patern calls for 92 sts. Im good here. Now it wants me to increase 19 sts Evenly. I can not find a # to go into evenly. I am suppoes to increase 19 sts all on this last row and I am doing the following stitches k1, p1 to comple the round. I really wanted to finish this by next week. (slouchy beanie) this is my second project. Also my pattern does not specify which increase method to use, (yo etc):grphug:

It won’t go exactly even, but if you k2 inc, then k3, inc the rest of the row it should help. That’s if you’re doing a m1 inc; if you kfb you’d k1 kfb, k2, kfb, k2 kfb.

I am a beginner, so please forgive me. My pattern instructions are telling me to k1 then p1 repeat until round iss finished, you said to k2,k etc. My patern wants me to increase evenly between on this last row and still k1, p1 and increase 19 stss to the 92 that are allready on my circular needle. Would you please advise, you are the only one who replied to me. I really want to thank you for that, it means a lot. Storm

Okay, work 2 sts then in k1 p1 or however. It helps if you can tell us which pattern or link it, then we can be more specific in the replies, or if you tell us more about it. Do you continue in the ribbing pattern after this row, or switch to stockinette st? If you go to stockinette then you don’t need to keep to the rib pattern. Here’s a calculatorthat helps you figure out how to increase across a row. Where it says knit x sts, m1, just work the rib pattern over that many sts. Just put in the number you start with (92) and how many to inc (16) and it tells you where to put them.

The calculator will give it to you exactly but in general if the pattern says ‘evenly’ it means to space the increases out over the length of the knitting. The increases don’t have to be precisely spaced, just not bunched on one side or the other. If the designer wanted a precise placement of increases, it would have been given in the instructions
A knit front and back (kfb) is a good increase to use and if you need, you can see a demo of it at the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, under Increases. Good luck with the beanie!

At present you are knitting in a rib pattern, what is important is what pattern will you be using after you increase? Most hats like the one you are doing change after the increase to Stocking Knit. Exactly where you put the increase or how you make it is not important, but you should do the increase row as the first row of whatever pattern you are knitting the hat in. If your pattern does change to stocking knit, then change now to all Knit, increase in what ever way you prefer and spaced along as best as possible. Need to see your pattern to be more help.