Please help

Here is the link to the pattern:
And here is my question:
When do i start the " begin cable repeat pattern"
on the “begin cable pattern” , they want me to repeat row 1 to 15 until 5 cable repeat total .
so should i work row 1 to row 36 and then start to begin cable repeat pattern : repeat row 1 to row 16 until i have 5 cable repeat total and then work on " begin bow pinch section here" :work row 37 to row 54 and then start to work on “end bow” : working row 1 to row 36.
And when do i work on " on the right side begin decrease for a slot section"
This is really confusing, i can understand by follow the pattern row by row like this but it just that i’m really confused when to work on begin cable repeat pattern or "begin bow pinch section " first or begin cable repeat pattern.
Hope you can help me and make this clear, thank you for your help

just a quick look on your pattern makes me think that they just start the numbering new for the cable pattern section and the 2 other sections.

you knit 1 to 52, the comes row 1 of cable and so on…

the cable pattern is given as a repeat only.

So once you knit rows 1-16 of the cable section, you start over with the same 16 rows. They make a cable repeat each.

The pattern wants you to do these 16 rows 5 times, or even 6 (option below, you chose) This is the part that goes around the neck

after you are done with that, you go on to the next section.

written in confusing ways, really not so bad, though.

first section it the left hand side of the bow: start, get wider, get more narrow (pinch section). Then you are on the neck part. Knit that with the cables and the repeat.
Then you go to the pinch part on the right. But that has the slot in it, so it is different from the other pinch part.
then you do the tip on that side: and done.