Please help

I have a pattern that calls for double worsted weight yarn. I got just worsted weight yarn. The pattern calls for you to cast on 52 stitches and use size 10 needles and the guage says 14 stitches equals 4". Please help me adjust the pattern to fit the yarn. Thanks.

There really isn’t one answer to this so we need some help. We need to know what you’re making and a link to the pattern if you have one. If not then the name of the pattern would help.

52 sts at 14 sts/4" = almost 15", so figure out how many sts you get for 15" and CO that many. You could use the size 10s and maybe get the same gauge, but you have to knit a sample to see. That may be too loose for what you’re making, so a little more information would be helpful.

The pattern I am wanting to do is exercise mat and tote in the Better Homes and Gardens Knitted gifts. Instead of the mat I want to make a towel in that pattern. The yarn I am using is a cotton yarn. Thanks for all your help.

You might try knitting with 2 strands of the worsted weight cotton on the 10s (the finished project might be a bit tight, but that might be OK for a towel). It is easiest to work with 2 strands if you use 2 balls at the same time. I think this will be the easiest solution to your problem.

If you find that it is too tight to knit this way, try some larger needles.

For a towel, you’d want it lighter, so I don’t think working with 2 strands would be a good idea. Using the pattern as written on size 8-10 needles should work out just fine; you probably don’t want it as wide at the mat.

I am to use size 8 needles and check to see if the gauge comes out right. The mat states that it would be 20" x 30" and I would like it to be 27" x 52". Thanks for any help

What stitch is the item worked in? I’m wanting to know how many stitches make a repeat. For instance St st the number of stitches doesn’t matter, no repeat. If it has something going on that is a repeat of 4 sts or 18 sts you need to use a number of stitches that will work for the pattern and use any borders they give.

Make a swatch with the yarn and needles that you like that give you a good fabric. See how many stitches are in 3 inches (I chose 3" because 3X9=27, the number of inches you want for the width). Take the number of stitches in 3 inches and multiply it by 9. You want about that many stitches taking into consideration the number of stitches for a repeat (if any) and the borders. Cast on that number, work to nearly 52", leaving enough room to finish at the proper point in your pattern (if there is one) and be able to do the end border as given.

Then knit the single strand to see what gauge you get, should be something like 16-18 sts = 4" then multiply your sts/inch time 27. That should give you the cast on number. If there’s a pattern that needs a multiple of 4 or 6 or 7 sts, then make sure your stitch number would work with the multiple, plus the edge stitches. For the length, just keep knitting until it’s 52".

The work is in the garter stich. so find out how many stitches are in 3" and mutiply by 9 to get how many I need to get the 27 inches. Thanks for all your help I am a newbie in knitting. This is my fourth project and wanting to modify the mat so that my daughter could have a towel in her school colors for her swimming team.

That’s right. Garter stitch will be nice-- lays flat and is nice an cushy.

I have one more question. Sorry to be such a bother. I am using circular needles for the first time. Can I just continue my stitching once I come to the end of the row without turning it around since I am doing the garter stitch.

Not unless you want a tube, which I don’t think you do. When you get to the end of the row, turn and knit the next row, just like with straight needles. Using the circular lets you put more sts on that with a straight needle, and it’ll be less strain on your arms and wrists too.

BTW, when you knit in the round, knitting every row gives you stockinette; you have to purl every other round to get garter stitch.