Please Help!

I’m starting a new pattern for a newborn, and in row 1 it says "Slip 1 as if to purl, K1, (star), YO, P2tog, (K,P,K) all in next st; repeat from (star)across: 17 sts. I got everything up to “(K,P,K) all next sts; repeat from (star) across: 17 sts” Could someone please tell me what this means?!

"Slip 1 as if to purl, K1, (star), YO, P2tog, (K,P,K) all in next st; repeat from (star)across: 17 sts.

Starting where it says, (K,P,K) all in the next st; This is a double increase where you make one stitch into 3 stitches. With the yarn in back knit into the next stitch like normal, but don’t slide it off the left needle, then bring your yarn to the front and purl the same stitch, don’t take it off the needle yet, move the yarn to the back again and knit the stitch again, now slide the stitch off the left needle–you have 3 new stitches on the right needle. Then your instructions tell you to go back and repeat the instructions that are after the star. You will repeat the part after the star 2 times after you do it the first time (so you do the stuff after the star a total of 3 times–the original time, and 2 repeats). Then you will have worked all the way across the 11 stitches you started with and have 17 stitches now on the right hand needle.

English method


I really should redo these with better lightning and another angle maybe.
If this is not clear, search on youtube, you’ll find useful videos.