Please Help!

I am in a bind. I have agreed to make a pillow cover for a body pillow. It is for my sister’s bd. I was hoping to knit it. Is there a pattern somewhere that is for a pillow case and what yarn would you use? Any help is greatly appreciated. Margie:knitting: :mrgreen:

Here are some:

I’d FOR SURE use bulky or chunky wt yarn and size 15 needles!

Otherwise, you’ll be knitting til next New Year’s Eve on it! :teehee:

Ummm WHICH birthday??? wow thats gonna take a while…As much use as a body pillow gets, I dont think I would knit it.
I think i would sew it out of material. If it was just a normal pillow, MAYBE, but this is a body pillow…wow…I knit/crochet couch pillows all the time but never a pillow case for a bed pillow, much less a body pillow.

If you want to knit it, I think i would go with the biggest yarn you can find and the biggest needle you can find, get the measurements of the pillow and just garter stitch it. I once made a blanket done on US19’s with 3 bulky weight yarns held together…It turned out pretty.

Good Luck to you…

Yeah, I don’t think I’d do a knit cover for a body pillow either. I know how they are used and I think it would stretch out very quickly. If you are going to do it though I’d suggest a washable, soft yarn. Preferably bulky with large needles.

I’m all for knitting on large needles, heavier yarn or not, but I think for this project it wouldn’t work. A fleece cover may be better.

What did you decide to do,Margie?? :knitting: