Please help

i want to make a sweater and it calls for recycled silk yarn and capelli. is there a substition i can use

I’m sure you can substitute something else. You want to match the guage the pattern gives you - how many stiches per inch, often it will give xx stitches per 4 inches.

I’ve used recycled silk yarn before and as beautiful as it is, I so hated working with it. I will never use it again.

Not sure what the capelli is. Are you holding the 2 together? Or separate parts of the sweater use each yarn?

If you can link us to the pattern if possible, we may be able to help more with suggestions what might work.

thats the pic. its not me lol. it calls for ss 11sts =4 13 rows also if you go to and click on basic cardigan it should be there thank you

[B][COLOR=#f89828]750 yds (5 Skeins) Recycled Silk
750 yds of Springy Capelli (or Kid Mohair) [/COLOR][/B]

*Gauge: Stockinette Stitch 11 sts = 4" 13 rows = 4"


Oop – we can’t put patterns on here due to copyright laws and all that! :slight_smile:

Are you on Ravelry? You can often research what yarns to sub with quite easily there…have you looked into ribbon yarns? There are a ton of mohair yarns out there, so that one’s pretty easy. What kind of effect are you after?

I removed the pattern, but left the gauge information. We can’t post patterns unless it’s your own because of copyright infringement.

I looked on Ravelry and didn’t see it there… might have missed it though… :think:

i am sorry about the pattern. i didn’t realize you couldn’t put patterns on here. thank you for removing it.

You can put up a link to it though. Even though they may be free, they still belong to someone else.

You might check here and see what other yarns may work as a substitute.

Check out the Calypso yarn at That combined with Diva should give you the look you want.