Please help!

Hello everyone!! I have been buying my daughter’s hairbows from a wonderful lady in CA. She is having a contest to give away a $100 gift certificate. I would love to win and I think I can with your help. All you have to do is click on the link to my blog and then click on her website from there. The winner will be dertermined by the one blog or website that brings the most people to her website. So if you tell anyone to help, then make sure that they link to MY blog first and then onto the bow website from there. Thanks so much.

Done! :thumbsup: Good luck!

:thumbsup: Also done and good luck.


good luck!

I did it and Good Luck!


Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it!! :muah:

I did it also. I like the knitted ones.


Done! Good luck!
What cute bows! I’m emailing this to a friend who has a baby girl that is always mistaken for a boy since she has no hair. These will be perfect for her!


Done. A whole store just for bows? Who knew? I like the little flowers. Good luck :thumbsup:

Done! Hope you win!

Those are so cute! Hope you win!

Hey Everyone!! Today is the last day… so please do this if you haven’t.

Thanks a Bunch!!!

Done! :thumbsup: Hope you win :slight_smile:

All done ! GOOD LUCK HUN :slight_smile:

Done, good luck :thumbsup:

Thanks to everyone that helped me out!! :thumbsup: I should know in a day or two if I was the winner. Crossed Fingers I will let you all know when I find out!!

Thanks again. :yay:

I just got the confirmation email that [SIZE=“4”]I WON!!![/SIZE] :woohoo: Thanks to everyone that helped. I REALLY appreciate it!! :muah: