Please help!

I need some gentle words right now and some good advice…I’m so very bummed.:verysad:

I wanted to make this sweater for my nephew for next week for a special occasion. I figured that if I knit pretty steadily, I’d have it done by then, no problem. I knitted a gauge swatch to make sure my gauge was on target, and it was. I had to go up one size needles to achieve gauge which is usually the case for me, so I wasn’t surprised. Anyway, I have frogged this sweater TWICE now because it’s knitting up to the next largest size, which is even too big for my two-year-old (my nephew is only 15 months). By the time he’ll get to wear it, my sister will probably have to put the sweater away for a whole year! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??? Okay, I can see if I didn’t check my gauge, I’d have to chalk this up to short-cutting, but I [B][I][U]DID[/U][/I][/B], and it was PERFECT. I’m never going to have this done in a week’s time–never. I don’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill, but I just want to cry my eyes out. :waah: It wouldn’t be a big deal if I wasn’t trying to get it done for a special occasion, but I am, and I didn’t want it to be late. Also, we were planning on meeting them next week, so for me to show up empty-handed makes me feel totally crusty. Yeah, I can knit a little mock-up sweater I guess and say it’s a forthcoming item, but I really wanted to have the actual sweater to present.

The only comforting words I can offer are that this exaaaaact same thing is happening to me. :hair: I’m working on my first sweater, and I keep checking the gauge. I usually have to go up one or two needle sizes, but then my gauge is still off when I work on the actual project. Sorry I don’t know how to fix it, because if I did, I’d be knitting my sweater instead of chatting online at this very moment. But I can say that, not only have I been there, I still am. hug

Having attempted to knit gifts by deadline and having failed every time, I hear your pain!

I suggest it is likely an issue of “ease” in the pattern. They likely have designed a lot of ease into the size.

You have a few choices here.

  1. Forgo any other activities in life and simply knit until the special occasion. Naturally you might faint from exhaustion but you will have achieved something at the end. You’ll likely think it is perfect as I’ve heard not eating, drinking or sleeping for a week leaves you slightly delusional.

  2. Get an entirely different outfit.

  3. Give no outfit.

  4. Knit a vest with the same yarn. If you knit the vest in the round you would likely have it finished in time.

  5. Find something else for this event and finish off the sweater in a smaller size of the pattern for Christmas.

  6. This is the option that I forgot but everyone else will suggest.

Either way:


Debbie Bliss patterns are notorious for being huge–you can even see how the sweaters swim on the kids in the pictures.

If using the larger needle is making the sweater too large, use the smaller needle. It’s possible that the pattern is wrong, too.:shrug:

I too was going to say the gauge on the pattern could be wrong. You must trust your instincts sometimes, try looking if that pattern has any corrections.

I’m sorry you feel bad about it, but even a late gift is a nice gift.

Better late than never. The fact that you are able to knit this as a gift shows that you care. I don’t you really don’t want it to be late, but if it is late it’s not going to make it any less of a fantastic present. If anything it stretches the birthday out, and heck if I could recieve presents after my birthday had passed I’d be happy :slight_smile:

Don’t stress about it because it might make you more likey to make a mistake. Just take your time, enjoy the knitting and be happy that when you do finally finish it then it will be a great accomplishment that I’m sure your nephew will love.

I’ve been in the same boat myself. What I have done is knit as much as I can and then wrap the sweater up on the needles. Afterall, it’s the thought that counts.:knitting:

Can you knit the smaller size, or was this the smallest? If it is, I’d go with the smaller needle suggestion and forget about the listed guage… I do that quite often.


I got bitten like this once and wondered what was going on.

Sometimes the pattern will give two chest measurements for same garment: chest measurement and then the [B]actual[/B] measurement when the garment is complete.

It can be a bit of a b*gger when they don’t.

If there is no actual size given, then grab a calculator and try to work out one size smaller than the first size on the pattern.

All the Best

THANK YOU to everybody! I nervously reached for the smaller needles (the ones recommended for the yarn) and I started knitting like a fiend, and so far, the gauge is right on. They say things happen for a reason, and it must be true, because I think the smaller needles look better with the yarn because the larger needles left slightly larger holes in the fabric that made me nervous. This looks much better, so I’m kind of happy it happened. I’m about halfway through the first piece and the gauge seems like it will be fine, so I feel better about it.

I typically don’t knit fitted garments like sweaters, so I don’t have a lot of experience with problems like this. I’m really glad everybody shared their wisdom and advice with me–it made me feel better and more confident to go ahead. I don’t know if I can finish this in time, but I’m sure going to try!:happydance:

That’s the way to do it, always turn a negative into a positive!!
And think of it this way, you’ve learned something! and that’s always a good thing :slight_smile:
Big cheers for you!!:thumbsup:

You go girl! :knitting:

And don’t forget we’ll want pics whenever you get it finished! :thumbsup:


I always knit tighter when I’m first starting a project, and what’s the first thing I do when I start a project? Gauge swatch! So my swatch and the first few rows/rounds are tighter and then my gauge loosens, which is a total PITA because it throws everything off. So now I started checking my gauge often during the project to make sure it’s still on.

Or you can pick up some other knitting and work on that for a few minutes, then make the swatch.