Please help

im trying to make a rowan swing hat and im stuck on the pattern.
Ive made two ties and am on to the main section of the hat.
The next row says cast on and k 3 sts, knit across 11sts of second tie, turn and cast on 13sts, turn and knit across 11sts of first tie, turn and cast on 3 sts. 41 sts.
I have no idea what that means.
any one else know?

I suspect that they want you to turn just to cast on the stitches at that end of the needle.

So you’d cast on 3 and knit the first tie, cast on 13 and knit the second tie, and then cast on another 3.

Ok i understand that but i dont get how you can cast on stitches when there are already stitches on the needle.

You can use any of the single-strand cast-ons, like knitted or backward loop. Amy has video for both.

look at the backwards loop cast on in the techniques section of this page. You could also do knitted caston, but backwards loop is easiest, I think.