Please help

I am knitting this arisaig cardigan and am now very confused with this part:

(right front upper shaping after the neck shaping before the armhole shaping)

repeat these two row 17 [15, 16, 14, 16, 14] times more.

etc etc.

repeat these two rows 11 [9, 6, 8, 8, 8] times more.

why are there more repeats for the smallest size? if I do this, I will end up with many more rows for the front than I had for the back: there were only 170 for the back total, this would make 196 for the front before I even start with the armhole which is 14 more rows.

I don’t know what to do… is it all wrong and I have to start over completely?? :verysad:

& say I had to take the top of the back apart again and knit another 20 rows… would it not work at all if for instance I had maybe already blocked it to see what would happen?

I don’t know, but bumping up for you!

:shrug: :shrug:

I think it has to do with the line before that:

[color=blue]Repeat these 2 rows 16[22, 29, 32, 36, 40] times more.[/color]
Next Row [RS]: K1, ssk, work in patt to end.
P 1 row.
Repeat these 2 rows 17[15, 16, 14, 16, 14] times more.

The larger sizes are doing the blue rows so many more times than the small sizes, that it should make sense in the end. At least, that’s my guess! :thumbsup:

ETA: I tried to look into why you’d have more rows on the front than the back. Since the pattern for the back is more based on inches than rows, I can’t tell how many rows you’re supposed to have, but if the front is indeed longer, it’s probably to make room for the wrap over your chest.

:doh: I figured it out. It’s because you’re not doing all the neck shaping before you get to the armhole shaping–you’re supposed to start the neck shaping, and then when it gets to 10.5", start armhole shaping while you continue the neck. That makes way more sense than what I said before! :oops:

I think I understand the shaping now :cheering: but I definitely don’t have enough rows in the back then. I think it needs to be 196 for both sides.

do you think I can add unblocked knitting to already blocked knitting, or do I just have to start over?

thank you so much for helping! :muah:

I’d say it’s at least worth a try…if it doesn’t work out, then you could start over. But I bet it would look fine to add some and then re-block.

One more question - if I get a different number of final stitches after shaping (14 not 16) for the right front, is that still OK as long as the other side is the same?

I even had someone else check the math a couple times, and neither of us can get a different answer. :wall:

When that happens to me, I just make sure all the pieces are the same. Two stitches are not going to make any difference.

Call it personalized and move on. :teehee:

thank you…
turns out I had to frog the whole lace section for an entirely different reason, but hopefully it will come out this time even with my special math.
at least it looks nicer so far this time around…

wish I had knitting elves who could go and repair everything I had to rip out while I slept.