Please help

I really want to knit along too with the potamus socks and I :heart: the pattern but…I have trouble knitting with any yarn or needles that are too small causes me to much joint pain. hmm… I was wondering if there was any way that I could use my 2 balls of cascade fixations yarn and a slightly larger needle :verysad: Would that work Im new to this stuff so I’d really appreciate any advice or tips anyone might have for me!

I can’t be sure because I don’t have the pattern, but my thoughts are that it would just make them bigger if you followed the pattern with larger needles and yarn. If you need them to fit :teehee: then you could probably adjust the pattern design.

You could try taking out one of the 12-stitch pattern repeats for the leg to start with. I don’t have enough sock experience to figure out the foot for you, though I’m sure someone here could.

Jan–it’s a Knitty pattern–free, free, free!