Please Help... :)

Hey All,

New to the group and need a little help with a few terms that weren’t really in the glossary.

Can you please tell me what this means?

YTB, p2tog (making extra st)
I know it’s purl two together but YTB and extra stitch?

k1, k into back of next st

Also, I need to know if there is another way to drop yarn. I usally drop a yarn and knit up the side until I need the yarn again. However, I am using different yarns then the ones that are used in the pattern. I am using an eyelash type of yarn and do not want to knit up the sides with that. What is another way? Cut and knot?

Here’s a link to the pattern:

Hope you can help me and thanks for your help!

YTB = yarn to back, basically, it’s a yarn over but by having the yarn start at the back of the work instead of wrapping the yarn around the needle and then doing a p2tog.

k1, k into back of next st

Knit 1 stitch then knit into the back leg of the next stitch instead of the front leg as you would do normally. This twists the stitch.

Thank you very much for the help.

I’ll take a photo when I am done… :slight_smile: