Please help!

Im knitting this Frosty Apple hat pattern. Im confused with the decrease. Thank you!:blush:

Decrease now as follows at every marker:

Work until 6 stitches remain until marker, slip 2 stitches as if to knit them together, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over stitch knitted, work 7 stitches rib as before. There are 30 stitches on round.

This pattern?
The instructions are for a central double decrease. It’s less confusing if you see it done I think.
How to work CDD - Central Double Decrease


Yes thats the pattern. Thank you @GrumpyGramma. I got it. :blush:

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You’re welcome. Drops has videos; I think I saw one for this decrease on the pattern page. Usually they’re good but I don’t always prefer them. Anyhow, techniques in Drops patterns might have a video and speed things up for you in the future but I’m discouraging you from asking here! I admit, being able to help gives me warm fuzzy feelings.