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Hello. I’m Emdelg. I’m knitting a Sirdar Aran jumper pattern # 2477 Havebeen going ok but have reached a stumble block :slightly_frowning_face:
I’ve finished the back and front (37 Stitches) and now getting ready to knit into
Shape Neck
Next Row
Patt2tog, pattern 9, turn, leave rem 26 stitches on stitch holder.
Working on these 10 stitches only proceed as follows: Question. Does the 10 stitches include the 1 stitch from Patt2tog plus the pattern 9?

Next Row: Patt2tog, pattern to end. [9 stitches]

What is Patt2tog? Is it knitting or purling 2 stitches together? What happens if I’m in the moss stitch where pattern calls for knit/purl or purl/knit? Do I knit (or purl) Patt2tog regardless if it should be a knit/purl or Purl/knit for continuity of the pattern.
I’m new to knitting and this is confusing me.

May I ask help in clarifying my question. I am attaching image of the pattern design and also the actual pattern to make it easier to see what I’m knitting.

Thank you so much.

Welcome to the forum!
Lovely and challenging pattern.
Yes, the 10 sts are the one left from the Patt2tog plus the 9sts in pattern.
Pattern2tog can be either a k2tog or a p2tog. Since these decreases are at the very ends of the row they’ll become part of the seam at the collar. You won’t see them so you can work the decrease either as a knit or a purl. It’s nice to work a k2tog or p2tog on the neck edge of the left shoulder (left as you would wear the sweater) and ssk or ssp on the neck edge of the right shoulder. Those decreases follow the line of the shaping. They don’t have to be worked that way however.
You will have to account for the decrease while working your pattern. Either subtract the two sts used in the decrease from the written row or look at the previous rows and figure out which stitch, knit or purl will continue the moss stitch pattern.

Thank you very much Salmonmac for your reply and great explanation. Now I can understand fully what I’m doing. Yay!!

All the best